What are 3D NFTs and 4 Things You Can Do With Them!

January 17, 2023
Fashioning Masculinities Space by The Artisant x Jenny Metaverse Dao x Clone X

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have become very popular in recent years. These unique digital assets are one-of-a-kind items that live on the blockchain, which is a fancy way of saying they're super secure and decentralized.

Think of NFTs as tools that serve as a store of value. They can represent real-world items like art and real estate–basically, it's a new way to own, sell and trade unique things.

NFTs aren't just for buying and selling. They can also represent property rights, your identity, and all sorts of other cool stuff. Watch NFT is totally unique and with blockchain technology, you know what you’re getting is authentic.

In contrast, cryptocurrencies you’re familiar with like Bitcoin, are all the same and interchangeable.

What Are 3D NFTS?

Object from the Penn Museum and Scanned into Using Luma Labs Ai

What exactly are 3D NFTs and how do they differ from their 2D counterparts? 

You might already be familiar with 2D NFTs as artwork. 3D NFTs have the same utility, features, and advantages that 2D digital assets have along with unique features and enhancements that make them stand out. 

So what’s the allure of 3D NFTs? To start - 3D NFT art is a good change of pace for users who are well-familiar with 2D options. 

A third dimension adds additional artistic value and gives designers a new medium to create with. 3D objects as NFTS  also offer that added element to spaces, adding real utility.

Additionally, since 3D NFTs can be more immersive and flexible concept-wise, 3D NFT series can often be more compelling and attractive. Many Spatial users create these assets in Blender or Unity and drag them into Spatial across many use cases.

Establish Digital Proof Of Ownership

You can use NFTs as a way to prove ownership over a digital item. NFT metadata records ensure all transactions can be traced and clearly stipulate who the current owner of a digital asset is. 

Uniquely, 3D NFTs take ownership to another level as they will also contain a range of underlying files associated with the NFT itself. 

As a result, you as a 3D NFT owner not only have proof of ownership over the digital asset but have all associated 3D files. Some 3D NFT projects allow holders to use these files in different Metaverses, which promotes interoperability and vastly enhances the entire digital experience for NFT 3D holders.

How Do 3D NFTs Take All Of This To The Next Level? 

Sound of Mystery Forest Space by Indie Game Hustle

The NFT 3D world is propelling the Metaverse forward by building a literal digital space for you to connect and interact.

They’re perfect as interoperable assets that can be used and transferred across multiple digital worlds, making them ideal for users interested in owning the in-game items they acquire and use.

3D NFTs also enhance the digital gaming world by potentially serving as props (like people, avatars, and buildings) that complete and enhance your Metaverse experience

Research already predicts that 25% of the globe’s population will spend at least an hour daily within the Metaverse. Hopes are that the usage of 3D NFTs will only propel the Metaverse experience forward and open up new digital gaming frontiers. 

Hang Out, Host Events and Enjoy Beautiful Digital Environments

New Space Coming Soon by Jake Steinerman, powered by the

What if you could hang out and enjoy a beautiful, custom-made 3D digital environment? 

The possibilities for collaboration, fellowship, and interaction could be endless. 3D NFTs make all of this a reality for you within a unique Metaverse space. 

An immersive experience platform since 2016, Spatial is known as an interactive, 3D social platform where you can create, share, and explore experiences/worlds with your community. Artists and organizers of all backgrounds come to Spatial to work towards building a world they imagine. 

In December 2021, Spatial started collaborating with digital artists to develop 3D NFTs to create ‘Spatial spaces’ that serve as custom digital environments. 

These collectible environment NFTs are stored on Arweave, meaning they remain interoperable with other platforms. If you collect a Spatial NFT environment, you can use it in as many spaces as you’d like. If the digital asset is sold or traded, created spaces will reset to the Spatial default Abstract environment. 

Right now, 3D NFTs like the ones offered by Spatial creators, are an incredible way for you to enjoy custom and unique digital environments across web, VR, and mobile. With our Creator Toolkit powered by Unity, the possibilities are endless.  

Revolutionizing Digital Gaming 

Bubble Park by Daewha Kang Design

Blockchain-based gaming remains popular as players remain dissatisfied with the traditional Play-to-Win (P2W) model. In this system, developers and game designers profit, and players themselves are not able to collect any revenue from playing. 

Additionally, many games that hinge on this model emphasize microtransactions, in which players have to spend money to upgrade their character or purchase special tools to advance in the game. 

Relying on the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model that rewards participation, blockchain-based gaming continues to grow in popularity. NFTs are seen as an essential pillar within the rapidly-expanding space as they can be used to maintain value both in and outside a particular gaming platform

Browser games are back on the rise as well and a big focus for in 2023. Build in Unity & publish to web, mobile and VR with a click with our new Creator Toolkit.

Enhance Marketing Campaigns 

Do you have a clothing company and are looking for a way to show off a new limited collection or enhance your virtual shop? 

3D NFTs are the way to go, especially if you’re targeting Millennials and other young generations. NFT wearables are a powerful way for fashion brands to engage customers within the NFT and metaverse worlds. 

Users can explore their identities within digital worlds and show off their personalities with one-of-a kind NFT wearables. 3D NFTs only enhance this experience by providing a fully immersive experience with Augmented Reality (AR) technology to digitally ‘try on’ outfits, engage with brands, and express themselves both in the physical and digital world. 

Your brand or company can build digital Metaverse events focused around 3D NFT wearables like bags, shoes, and jewelry to build brand loyalty, expand marketing opportunities, and cultivate an enthusiastic customer base. 

How Do 3D NFTs Fit Within The Crypto Universe?

HAPEBEASTS is a great example of a cool 3D NFT project. These unique ape-inspired characters, created by London-based Digimental Studios, were selling for $600 at launch but quickly skyrocketed to over $20,000 on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. The hype for these was legendary with over 300,000 Twitter followers and 450,000 Discord members at launch.

The NFT 3D trend only continues even as the wider market struggles due to a bitter crypto winter in 2022. 

November 2022 brought even more optimistic news for 3D NFT art fans. Beeple, one of the globe’s most famous and innovative NFT artists, is set to transform the streaming industry with immersive 3D NFTs on Solana. 

Maybe you recognize Beeple due to the massive success of his NFT campaigns. In March 2021, Christie’s auctioned off his “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” NFT for the tidy sum of $69.3 million. Surprisingly, Beeple’s sale didn’t even rank as the most expensive NFT ever sold at the time. The prize was in the hands of digital creator Pak who sold his “The Merge” NFT for $91.8 million. 

Let’s just say 3D NFT art fans could have a lot to look forward to when holding one of these digital assets. 

NFTs Remain Popular Despite Tough Markets In 2022

No matter where you stand on the issue - a cursory glance at NFT sales statistics for 2022 might seemingly cast doubt on their long-term viability. 

Despite brutal market conditions, NFTs as a whole remain popular. October 2022 brought more attention to Reddit’s collectible NFT avatars - with more than $5 million in secondary sales since their launch in the Summer of 2022. A report in the same month revealed a slight uptick in NFT sales (1.9%) across a week in mid-October.

Many believe NFTs will serve as pioneers for the future of the blockchain, crypto, and Metaverse worlds due to their immense utility. 

Lending credibility to this point, NFT trademark applications have soared rapidly across 2022. Research shows the number of applications (4,708 at the end of October 2022) has already surpassed 2021’s total number (3,547). 

Many speculate the growth and popularity of NFT 3D models might explain the trend, especially as these unique digital assets open up new opportunities for NFT holders and those in the metaverse. 

The Future For 3D NFTs

Relm 3 x Dope Stilo Party

It’s pretty clear that the utility and unique nature of 3D NFTs sets them apart. 3D NFTs can already be used as digital files and avatars within virtual and augmented reality and can be harnessed in many Metaverse-ready games. 

Interested in a project that emphasizes 3D NFTs and empowers visual creators to shape the future of the metaverse? 

Visit  to start customizing your virtual gallery, home, or event space using one of the platform’s 3D templates, Sketchfab Integration, or customize an environment using the to get started! 

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