Spatial Updates

A Totally New Spatial Focused On Creators and NFTs. Probably Nothing.

December 14, 2021

We have relaunched Spatial to focus on being the Metaverse for culture and events such as NFT exhibits, brand experiences, and conferences.

Check out the all new Spatial including the following features:

💻 New Website ​​​​​


Did you tour the new and improved
We updated our entire site to better reflect our new priorities and features. ​​​

🖼️ Auto Gallery


Quickly pull in your NFTs with your MetaMask integration, or any of your content, and let Spatial layout your works in your gallery or curate it yourself. The options are endless, our goal is to make it as simple as can be. Read More


🥡 New Gallery - Obsidian‍

We love this new gallery space, another option for our users looking to curate their art in the metaverse. You can also align art to the walls in any custom environment. Read More


🚀 Performance Boost

Upload models that are twice as large on a Spatial that loads twice as fast! The fastest and lightest Spatial ever! You can even get nearly double the number of participants in a room simultaneously! Read Full Change Log

🌳 Spatial Park ‍

This new environment is both aesthetically and functionally beautiful. Designed as a meeting commons for our users to meet and peel off into different corners of Spatial together. We will feature rooms here and display a rotation of art.  Plus we added Moderation to the space so you can report or block people who are causing trouble! Read More

🎩 Improved Host Tools

Not only can you finally access host tools from the web, we also now allow anyone to lock their content in a room! Easier experience on all the levels.

🔭 Zoom

View NFTs up close from the web app, read the artist description and any sub text. Then click to view the product on another web page.

🏠 Spatial Home

This is a VR only feature, a space to land when you don your device and travel into the metaverse. Decorate it, personalize it, invite your friends. Or keep it as a quiet reflective place where you can return from wherever your adventure takes you.

Don't Forget! Spatial's Genesis NFT Drop This Week!

Wednesday the 15th Museo Drops & Thursday the 16th Bozo Island Drops!

Check them out now on OpenSea

Join our Discord for Updates & Reminders!

🥂 Oh! & Obviously we are having a party! Pop Lock & DROP it!

Join us Wednesday December 15th 2021

3 PM – 6 PM EDT

This will be a public event in Spatial Park. You will be able to find under the Explore Tab!

Grateful for you all!

We hope that the new improvements to Spatial foster a sense of creativity and imagination in our users as they explore creating their homes, galleries, and experiences on our platform.

We want to thank you all for being on this journey with us. Those of you who have been with us from the start, as well as those who are just joining now and are vocal about evangelizing Spatial.

We see you creating, we hear all of your feedback, and we love our community SO much! ❤️

​​​​​​If you would like to read the full list of updates you can reference the full change log HERE

‍Go check it out now!

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