Use Coins to purchase items, avatar upgrades, & power-ups

Creator Memberships


For creators who want to create games and interactive experiences.
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For creators who need extra control over their experiences.
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For brands and agencies that need enhanced analytics, branding, & support.
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Creator Tools

Build interactive games & worlds with the Creator Toolkit

Sell in-world digital merchandise through the Spatial Marketplace

Create cinematic content with built-in photo and filming tools

Share your creations with your community using 1-click hyperlinks


Publish 3D games & worlds across Web, VR & iOS/Android devices

Stream recorded or live video content with web-based screen sharing

Connect and communicate with other players via in-game audio and text chat

Upload Custom Avatars & Skins

Free premium 3D environment templates including hangout, performance & gallery spaces

Upload content effortlessly including images, videos and 3D files

Visualize content on mobile devices with Augmented Reality (AR) mode

Live caption language translation on mobile and VR

Safety & Privacy

Platform moderation system to detect and remove offensive content

Privacy Controls to set your worlds to private or public at any time

Basic moderation tools to kick, ban or mute disruptive players

Token Gating (ETH + Poly)

API & Integrations

Integrated file uploads through MetaMask, Google Drive, or OneDrive

Decorate your world with free SketchFab models

Request Integration of APIs

Sharing & Collaboration

Advanced Host Tools to designate additional hosts, collaborators or editors to your space

Screen Sharing

Up to 30 minutes per user per day
Unlimited HD screen sharing
Unlimited HD screen sharing

Traffic & analytics dashboards


Prioritized Support