For creators looking to host exhibitions, meetups, and live events
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Spatial Plus
For creators looking to host more curated and controlled experiences
$20/month when billed annually

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Reach out if you have questions about hosting a unique experience
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No Additional Fees or Features

Free Features

  1. Create a public space to host NFT art exhibitions, meet ups, and live events.
  2. Upload your content in one click (images, videos, and 3D files)
  3. Host up to 50 people in a room
  4. Upload or buy a custom 3D environment
  5. MetaMask, Google, Apple, and Microsoft login
  6. Create a lifelike 3D avatar from a selfie 
  7. MetaMask/Google Drive/OneDrive file upload integration
  8. Share your screen into the space
  9. Create Sticky Notes to leave messages in your space
  10. Moderation tools to kick, ban or mute disruptive visitors

Plus Features

Everything in free, plus:

  • Token Gating to restrict access to Spaces based on NFT ownership
  • Overflow Groups to allow up to 500 people to experience a Space with instancing. (50 people per Space, with overflow up to 10 Spaces)
  • Host Tools to designate additional hosts for your space
  • Finer levels of control over what visitors can do in your space
  • Live translation