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Spatial is the home for the most fun collection of free online games. Play our beautifully crafted 3D games on desktop, mobile, tablet, and even in VR. Just click to jump straight into cool games with friends from all around the world. No download required.

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Why Top Creators Build on Spatial

Creator Toolkit

Supercharge Unity creations with our tools and templates.

Virtual Economy

Sell digital goods with top-tier revenue share.


Publish games everywhere across web, mobile, and VR.

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Explore immersive worlds and incredible games by your favorite brands. Play across web, VR, and mobile!

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"Spatial is leveraging the vast Unity community and offering monetization options that make it a truly viable option for any developer"


"We’ve taken away all complexity for developers who can for the first time build complex and thrilling games in the browser"


"They’re not mobile games, and they’re not just cloud games. They’re something in the middle, and Spatial is betting the farm on them"


"Social gaming company Spatial releases UGC games platform rivaling Roblox and its first season of in-house games, kicking off new era"


"The cloud-based platform aims to make it easy for brands and developers to embrace a web-focused approach to user generated content"


"높은 μˆ˜μ€€μ˜ κ·Έλž˜ν”½κ³Ό νŽΈμ˜μ„±, μ†μ‰¬μš΄ μ½˜ν…μΈ  개발 도ꡬ가 강점"


"λŒ€μž‘ κ²Œμž„ μˆ˜μ€€μ˜ κ·Έλž˜ν”½μ„ μ›Ήμ—μ„œ ꡬ동"


"μ •κ΅ν•œ 가상 κ²½ν—˜μ„ μ œμ‹œν•˜λŠ” λ©”νƒ€λ²„μŠ€ ν”Œλž«νΌ"


What is Spatial?

Spatial is a free online gaming platform where millions of creators build and share fun and inspiring games that bring people together across web, mobile, and VR.

As videos once transformed content sharing, we're evolving the gaming realm, pushing boundaries beyond passive viewing to immersive interactions. Amplify your creativity with our Unity-powered toolkit, thrive in a creator-friendly virtual economy, and publish across all platforms. Dive into a universe where play meets limitless potential.

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