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NFT Gallery: Create Your Own Metaverse Art Gallery

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The Rise of NFTs and Virtual Assets

There’s a huge push towards NFTs and virtual art that everyone is buzzing about. It’s not just a trend; even the top art experts agree that this new virtual space for art is going to transform and expand the industry in huge ways. While in-person galleries aren’t going away, virtual reality art galleries are offering people expanded accessibility, incredible digital experiences, and a new way to enjoy fine works and up and coming artists. 

As art fanatics and tech nerds alike, the team at Spatial specializes in all varieties of virtual meeting rooms. That means that creating your own VR gallery on Spatial isn’t just easy but it’s optimized for the best experience possible. Thanks to the technology of Spatial’s VR rooms, you can create both NFT and non-NFT virtual art galleries for all sorts of audiences. Here’s what you need to know about making a VR gallery on spatial.

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Build Your Own VR Art Gallery


When it comes to getting started with a VR art gallery, Spatial makes things easier than ever. If you’re new to the world of VR meeting rooms and spaces, you’ll want to start by downloading the Spatial app and creating an account. From here, you can branch out your works in one of two ways.

If you’re not using NFT files, then you’re going to have a very straightforward experience. Just like any file importer, you’ll take your 2D and 3D assets and put them directly into Spatial. If you’re using NFT’s as a collector or creator, then you’ll want to integrate Spatial with your MetaMask wallet. There’s a lot to love about the way Spatial works with other programs, and its integration with MetaMask is seamless and allows you a digital space to display your authentic NFT art works. 

Next, it’s time to curate your virtual gallery. From the web, Spatial has Auto-Gallery set up, so you simply need to select the assets you’d like to put up and click Add. Create a new room within the Spatial app in seconds. Not only will you find incredible default environments in which to display your art, but you can upload your own to make the entire room your art. Follow Spatial’s guide to making these custom spaces for easy creation. You can also join an existing room if you wish to add the art to established meeting spaces or other virtual rooms.

Best Practices for Displaying Digital Art with Spatial

There are a few ways to display your digital art depending on its parameters and model. As you can expect, it’s not going to be the same displaying a digital sculpture or object as showing off a virtual painting. Here’s what you need to know.

Viewing art in Spatial

Art is easy to display with Spatial’s menu for choosing art files and putting them in the virtual room. VR art galleries offer you plenty of room to make the perfect gallery for your works or collection. It’s as easy as selecting the content menu in VR and choosing what piece is going in the gallery. For NFTs, you’ll choose works from your MetaMask wallet. You’re going to simply select your images and click add or you can manually place them anywhere in the virtual room. Curate and create however you like. Utilize our integrations to work with programs and NFT sites you might already use.

When the art is selected and available to configure, you can easily move throughout the app and virtual space and place things where you’d like. The walls in the VR gallery are sticky, so all you need to do is line up the work on the wall and it will automatically stick. When it comes to 3D models, you also have a great option for really making those works stand out in your virtual space. 

Displaying 3D Works

3D models are easy to display within Spatial thanks to a dedicated pedestal button in the menu. You can place a pedestal under any 3D object to help display it. These pedestals can range in size too so don’t worry if you have smaller or larger works that look like they might not fit. It’s all about finding the best way to display your works and Spatial works with you to build a picture-perfect gallery experience for whatever work you might have.  Of course, you might also have 2D images that need more than just sticking to the virtual gallery wall. In those cases, you can add two features that help spruce up your gallery space. 

Virtual galleries are an incredible place to display 3D renderings of sculptures, pottery, molds, and more. There are countless ways artists use digital software to create works now that exist completely in the virtual world. Thanks to Spatial, there are now purposeful ways to display these works that match the experience of visiting an in-person gallery. 

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Framing and Info Panels for Wall Art

If you have a 2D piece of art you want placed on the wall, it might look better to add a little something extra to help visitors learn about the work and see it in a professional setting. For these 2D works, you can frame them and add metadata info panels to ensure the works look their best.

Frames can be easily added or removed using the frames button and placed over the artwork. The frame will automatically encapsulate the art without any hassle. As for metadata panels, clicking the “i” button next to a work will pull the NFT metadata from the art and create a nice panel of blockchain info to place near the work. This mimics a gallery nicely and helps visitors know what they’re looking at while visiting your virtual gallery.

Build your Business & Brand with a Custom Gallery 

Boss Beauties gallery with the United Nations

With easy to manage tools for building the perfect gallery for digital art, Spatial is the best place to build your VR art gallery exactly. If potential customers join from Spatial’s web app they are able to click on your art and go to the link where they can purchase your art. We have done this successfully with several galleries and NFT companies. OpenSea for example, has a rotating art gallery they curate in Spatial. 

With resources for video and audio, you can add just about any artistic work to Spatial and display it properly.
Virtual art galleries are growing in prominence with the rise of NFTs. Whether you collect NFTs or have your own works to display, you have everything you need to build the perfect art gallery with Spatial. 

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