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Spatial Creator Toolkit

Build interactive, engaging worlds and share them instantly to Web, iOS, Android, and Meta Quest.

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Bring your wildest imaginations to life
Customize stunning 3D environments to explore with your friends & community.


Create immersive and interactive stories
From escape rooms to puzzles, craft quests that guide visitors through your spaces.


Express more with custom avatars
Import custom rigged avatars, and inhabit them anywhere within Spatial.


Explore any space in stylish fashion
Race, cruise, or fly in your own vehicles to navigate the virtual world à la mode.


Anyone can start using the Toolkit right now. Check out the documentation to get started.
Nope! No coding required. We highly recommend becoming familiar with Unity3D first - check out their incredible Tutorial Series, starting with the Unity Essentials Pathway.
The Creator Toolkit is built on Unity, which offers an incredible balance of diverse platform support, accessibility and visual quality. We do not have plans to support additional engines (Unreal, Godot, etc.) at this time.
It’s not! There are so many ways to create spaces in Spatial:
  • Drag and drop 3D models (i.e. ones built in Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, Gravity Sketch, etc.)
  • Import environment models from Sketchfab with our integration
  • Use our many free templates, designed by world-class designers
Our team is constantly listening to feedback and ideas from the community, and releases updates every couple of weeks. Join the Slack or Discord (links in the documentation), or subscribe to the newsletter to get notified about all updates!
We absolutely love hearing your ideas and feedback!! Join our Creator Toolkit developer community on Slack or Discord (links in the documentation), or send us a message on social media.
There are many ways you can monetize your spaces, from token gating to hyperlinks. There are way more ways for you to make money on Spatial coming soon - stay tuned!