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Create Your Avatar: Build Your Metaverse Presence

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animated avatarYour avatar comes to life as you talk, move, and interact

Having a long-distance meeting used to come with all sorts of limitations. Whether it was a telephone conference or a video conference, teams cannot communicate the same way that they do when sharing a space. Virtual meeting spaces powered by Spatial, however, allow teams to overcome many of these issues. Spatial uses telepresence to connect you with your team using VR headsets such as the Meta Quest, as well as iOS, Android, and an easy interactive web browser. One key feature that helps Spatial create a better meeting experience is the ability to create incredible custom avatars. With a more accurate representation of each person in the virtual space, the sense of presence feels significantly more akin to a real life social interaction. 

With many other VR platforms, users are either limited by a narrow range of options for creating avatars or the process of creating something realistic is complicated and time-consuming. That is not the case with VR avatars accessible cross-platform from Spatial. We make the task quick and easy.

Now that we have partnered with Ready Player Me our users have more options for expressing themselves and their identities!

avatars in an outdoor environment

Best Practices: How to create an Avatar for Spatial 

‍Part of offering a great virtual meeting experience is making the process easy. You don’t want to have to spend a lot of time setting things up. With Spatial, avatars are so easy to set up that any user can do it in a matter of minutes. All you need to get started is a Spatial account.

1) You don't need to, but for best results using AI avatar generation softwares be ready to take a selfie or upload a headshot.

2) If you are using Spatial's photorealistic avatars you will have several clothing options to choose from and have the ability to adjust to whatever color you desire! Choose the style that you most identify with or is most appropriate for the social setting you are entering.

3) If you are using Ready Player Me you can choose from an entire wardrobe of costumes, hairstyles, eye colors, hats, glasses, tattoos, and more! You will want to make an account so you can save your avatar(s) to use in Spatial.

4) You don't need to choose one β€” Use whichever avatar feels right in the moment and change your outfit for the occasion as you would in the real world.

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Getting Started

Start by creating your Spatial account. You can create an account using connected services like a Google, Microsoft or Slack account. You can also create an account using your email address. Once you have your account created, you will be prompted to create an avatar. You can do this using your webcam or you can upload a photo of yourself from a device. When taking a photo for your virtual reality avatar, you may want to make sure it is a good, clear, head on, picture of your face. If you are uploading a photo, don’t think of it as a selfie with a smile. Instead, take the picture with the idea that it is a headshot like you would take for an ID photo.
There are many entry points in Spatial to updating your avatar: You can do it from your user profile or you can change your avatar in the moment within a Space by clicking the figure icon.

how to edit your avatar

Embodiment and Expression With Your Spatial VR Avatar

Going further, you can update and change your avatar at any time! You are never locked into your look. Your identity can be fluid. As part of our mission to be the most inclusive platform on the market, we were sure to include culturally relevant clothing and non-gendered clothing options. These offering will continue to grow as we continue helping people interact and express themselves in ways that feel aligned with their physical and cultural identity. Identity and freedom of expression in virtual spaces is core to a positive social experience on any platform. 

Spatial Co-founder and CPO Jinha Lee adds, β€œSpatial believes deeply in open and interoperable standards so we’re excited to adopt an avatar solution that enables users’ identities to persist across experiences. We are driven by providing a home for anyone from the creator premiering a new collection at an exhibition, to watch parties, runway shows or people looking for a place online for mental calm and freedom of expression.”

In Spatial you have access to two types of full bodied avatars! This is a big deal, our avatars finally have legs. We know our community is incredibly excited. We listen to our community, which is why we also heard the call for more outfits loud and clear. Even when using realistic heads you are able to access a variety of options. Then there is Ready Player Me. In the images below you can see where you can access Ready Player Me while in Spatial. Hitting the 'Edit' icon will take you to their interface where you can scroll hundreds of customization options and bring your final style right back into Spatial. ‍

a stylized dinosaur avatarcreate your own custom avatar

Customizing your Avatar

Users love making their avatars something that feels like them! Embodiment in virtual spaces is very important so we want to continue to evolve our avatar systems to encapsulate however our users want to express themselves. We have the ability to generate a photorealistic humanoid face that looks just like you, or with Ready Player me you can be a cartoon version of yourself. You can choose to look as you do in the real world or create a complete fantasy identity. You may even find that you feel more like yourself in the metaverse than you do in your real world day to day fashion because of how expressive you can be with style.

You can also be expressive in action! In you join from VR you can embody your avatar by using hand tracking in your VR headset to express your full vibrance if you are a hand talker. If you are joined from web you can emote by using the numbers on your keyboard which correlate to different actions or dance moves!

Jump using the space bar, Clap your hands by using the C key, Agree with a thumbs up, Disagree with a thumbs down, Cheer, Wave, Get down,, Pop'n lock, Churn butter! No matter how you choose to access Spatial via VR, web, or mobile you can communicate and boogie with your friends! Learn more about all of the activation keys and avatar customization.

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Spatial is proud to be the first within our platform to offer a Free wearable, yes, just for being part of our community! Please Join our Discord to claim it for your Avatar! We know many brands and projects will launch shirts, shoes, hats, and more with our partners at Ready Player Me for their fans and communities in Spatial. There has never been a better time to get into virtual fashion. We can't wait for this growing library to bring each and every person's style to the metaverse! 

custom Spatial avatars

If Telepresence with Spatial sounds like it’s the right fit for your company, go ahead and sign up to get started or reach out to the team at

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