Spatian Guides Program

A new generation of ambassadors, trailblazers and creators showing us the art of what's possible in the metaverse. They are actively building communities on Spatial, and have a powerful passion for helping others. They are Spatian Guides.

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Altered Alley

World builder and Mixed Reality Artist Extraordinaire

Spatial is a place of endless possibilities and I love the community.
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Thai Metaverse Architect

Spatial is a new 3D social network that allows for more immersive experiences powered by creators
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Benny Or

Creative Director @0, Artist

Spatial's pace of innovation, commitment to community, and utility are the reasons why I'm a fan.
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Virtual Environment Designer

I use Spatial for the majority of my operations now, down to our HQ for work & client walkthroughs
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Choen Lee

Multidisciplinary Artist

Anyone and everyone can access this practical metaverse for work and social meetings
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Creative Owls

Polygon Community Leader

The Spatian community of creators are so innovative and change how we see & experience the world
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CyberNerdBaby's avatar

Award-winning Metaverse AR/VR Creator Team

Our favorite thing about Spatial is how easy it is to access from any device and share our games with anyone with simply a link. It has very well established VR app on Oculus store, and it has strong community.
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Creator/Exec. Meta-Producer

Anyone in the world can own FREE and virtually UNLIMITED spaces in Spatial, which is revolutionary.
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Diana Olynick

Host, XR Magazine Podcast

At Spatial, we create & share culture, and have a commitment to building the open metaverse
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Dope Stilo

Singer, Songwriter, Producer

It's been life changing to be able to create immersive music experiences and collaborate on Spatial
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Estelle So

Visual Artist & Storyteller

I feel deeply connected & attached to Spatial because of how it's enabled me to grow as an artist!
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Metaverse Event Organizer

Spatial allows me to show you what's in my head. My environments are a direct reflection of me
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Japan Community Leader

What an amazing way to inspire creativity, empower creators, and broaden the human imagination!
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Greenbay Crypto

Green Bay, WI NFT Collector

All creators should be using Spatial - it works across desktop web, mobile & VR, plus it's free!
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IraXLab's avatar

World & Game Builder, supporting creators

Spatial is the best platform for creators who want to have top quality worlds and make professional connections.
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Jayhan's avatar

Remixer of 3D Spaces, Jeweler

This community has become family, and has helped me uncover a passion I never knew I had!
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Healing Immersive Artist

I use Spatial because it allows me to transcend time and space and connect with more people than I ever imagined.
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Metaverse Josh

World Builder & Community Activist

The special focus on universal device accessibility coupled with their steadfast commitment to creator-driven improvement has convinced me to operate exclusively on Spatial.
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Merch Producer, World Builder

Spatial is the doorway to the metaverse, allowing you to explore & create to your hearts content!
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Mitch Jackson

Lawyer, Founder of

Connecting with people in Spatial takes just 1 click. Each day the community gets bigger and better!
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Metaverse Educator & NFT Artist

Spatial makes it easy to enjoy a fully immersive 3D world on anywhere across mobile, desktop, or VR
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Tina Bonner

Founder @BlackInMeta

Spatial makes the metaverse both simple & easy for anyone to build and engage their own communities
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Travis Rice

Founder of W3BBIE

I love Spatial because it allows me to interact with my online community in a much more engaging way
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Treeple Dreamers

Creator of Metaverse Spaces

I love Spatial because it provides high quality experiences for all levels of users
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Yacine Ait Kaci's avatar
Yacine Ait Kaci

Artist, Creator of ELYX

Spatial offers the Building Blocks for an open and creative Metaverse
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