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Introducing: Spatian Guides

October 4, 2022

Spatial’s mission is always creators first! We are deeply committed to our community, arts and culture, and championing human connection as we pioneer the new immersive internet. We’ve cultivated an amazing community along the way full of impactful individuals dedicated to building Web3. As more incredible creators flood the space, we recognize the importance of sharing knowledge on how this new technology is and will continue to change the world.

When we launched Spatial in 2017, our mission was to connect people from across the globe and make them feel as if they were together, even if they were miles apart. That vision is still at our core today, except now it’s led by all types of creators–teachers, musicians, architects, painters, sculptors, fashion designers, and more driving this new age of connectivity forward.

Some host concerts on their own private islands, others bring together NFT artists within worlds of their own design, and some host classes on mental & physical well-being. There’s no limit to the bounds of creativity this new realm offers, all anyone needs is a guide to get them started.

Introducing the Spatian Guides

Our goal with launching the Spatian Guides initiative is not only to shine a light on Spatians who inspire and push the space forward but also to empower these creators to be incredible guides for an open, diverse metaverse. The Spatian Guides are about paying it forward to the next creator blazing their own trail. It’s about education, providing tools, and elevating creatives. 

They are a new generation of ambassadors, trailblazers, and innovators illustrating the art of what’s possible in the metaverse. In addition to crafting their own incredible personal projects, they are actively building communities on Spatial, and have a powerful passion for helping others. Along with our entire community, our guides are defining what it means to be Spatians.


The inaugural Spatial Guides include incredible community members Benny Or, Prizem, Travis Rice, Metamike, Mitch Jackson, Green Bay Crypto, DezTheCreator, Anothai, Jayhan, Garden Bee, Choen Lee, Blockstone, Yacin Ait Kaci, Dope Stilo, Treeple Dreamers, Creative Owls, Diana Olynick, Estelle So, Dr. Surapon Boonlue and HiCeeCee! 

More information about the inaugural Spatial Guides is available in this incredible space designed by our Head of Community, Jake Steinerman.

The gallery features each of the guides and portals to their spaces on Spatial! They are reflective of our larger, vibrant community that makes us who we are. More information on how to become a guide is available below.

Spatial is dedicated to fueling those who continually inspire others and exemplify innovative ways the metaverse can be harnessed to connect, share and be present with one another. Introducing our first class of guides to help us all navigate through this vast new landscape of Web3 is truly only the beginning.

Visit Spatian Guides Gallery


How can I join the Spatian Guides program - is there an application?

This is just the beginning of the Spatian Guides program, and we will be expanding to include many other Spatians in the near future. Interested in being a Guide? Apply here

What is the criteria for being a Spatian Guide?

  • Host events regularly on Spatial
  • Connect with other Spatians in the community
  • Abide by our Community Guidelines
  • Be inclusive to other Spatians
  • Be a passionate member of the Spatial community, and knowledgeable about the platform

What are the benefits?

  • Verified Badge on your profile (when that feature launches later this year)
  • Promotion in Spatial content marketing and on the website
  • Spatial+ for free
  • Exclusive Discord channel within the Spatial Discord for connecting with other Spatian Guides
  • Sweet Merch
  • And more!

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