Best Cyber Week Deals on the Unity Asset Store

November 22, 2023
Fantasy Kingdom, revealed at Unity Unite 2023

As the Cyber Week season unfolds, Unity is presenting a series of irresistible deals that are a game-changer for every developer. This year, the Unity Asset Store transforms into a treasure trove, offering a plethora of tools, 3D environments, add-ons, and much more at astonishing discounts. It's a perfect opportunity to enhance your game development toolkit without straining your budget.

1. Bakery – Illuminate Your World

Dive into the realm of stunning lighting effects with Bakery. This tool is a favorite among top developers, including those behind renowned titles like Call of Duty Mobile and Dead and Buried II. It's your chance to bring professional lighting to your scenes affordably.

Price: $27.50 (50% Off)


2. POLYGON Sci-Fi Cyber City – A Futuristic Dream

For those who adore low-poly, sci-fi aesthetics, Synty Studios' Sci-Fi Cyber City pack is a must-have. This pack offers a unique, cyberpunk-inspired environment that can elevate your game's visual appeal.

Price: $99.99 (50% Off)


3. FEEL – Elevate Game Immersion

Winner of the 2021 Unity Awards for Best Artistic Tool, FEEL by More Mountains adds over 130 feedbacks to make your games more engaging and immersive.

Price: $25 (50% Off)


4. Shapes – Revolutionize Your UI

Shapes, crafted by Freya Holmer, is an exceptional tool for enhancing your game's UI. This real-time vector graphics library offers high-quality line drawing and infinite resolution shapes, ensuring your UI stands out.

Price: $50 (50% Off)


5. Stylized Water 2 – Artistic Water Effects

Stylized Water 2 is ideal for games needing artistic rather than realistic water simulations. Easy to use and versatile, it's now available for just $17.50, another fantastic 50% off deal.

Price: $17.50 (50% Off)


Bonus Tip:

Check out the Spatial Creator Toolkit for a seamless way to publish to Web, iOS, Android, and VR. This toolkit caters to all, from drag-and-drop enthusiasts to C# scripting experts.

Don't miss out on these incredible deals. Happy developing and enjoy the savings!

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