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Spatial is a 3D gaming hub where creators craft and share immersive social experiences for web, mobile, and VR. We're transforming online interaction from passive watching to active play. Think YouTube, but for games.

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Our Story

Making the Internet More Playful

Spatial was founded in 2017 by Anand Agarawala and Jinha Lee, whose mission is to make the internet more social and fun. Previously, Anand led the creation of interactive computer interfaces, while Jinha pioneered AR technology, transforming screens into portals to fantastical worlds.

We previously launched an VR/AR collaborative meeting app and virtual event platform. This laid the groundwork for our passion about gaming. Our mission is to support game creators and also create our own games.

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Spatial Team

Based in San Francisco, New York, Canada, and Korea, our skilled team excels in 3D design, gaming, and immersive experiences. We're seeking talent eager to shape the future. Want to join?

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Our Values

Build Things You Love. Love Things You Build If we create something that we don't love using ourselves, what are the odds our community will love it?!

Embrace the Hacker Within You are encouraged to hack and try new stuff. If you have some crazy ideas you want to try in your spare time, you are more than welcome to.

Feedback Is Our Fuel We're always evolving our processes and ourselves. If you have thoughts on how to improve anything, let us know!

We are a Team You are part of a small, collaborative, highly talented team that is always transparent and always has each other's back.