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About Us

What is Spatial?

Spatial is a gaming platform where millions of creators build and share fun and inspiring experiences that bring people together across web, mobile, and VR.

Our goal is to change the way we share fun experiences, tell stories, and make friends. Today, videos are the most common way to talk and share things online, but often people end up just watching and not interacting. We want the internet to be a more playful and social place.

This change is already happening in the world of gaming. We want to accelerate this by making it easier for everyone to create, share, and play fun games with their friends. Just like YouTube did for videos.

To turn this vision into reality, we are currently focused on the following three pillars:

  • Creator Toolkit: a dynamic extension of Unity, the most widely adopted game engine globally. We provide you with easy tools and useful templates so you can focus on what matters most - creating fun games that bring people together.
  • Virtual Economy (beta): enabling the sale of digital items, avatar enhancements, and power-ups. We’re proud to provide a creator-friendly revenue share that outperforms our competitors, putting more money in your pocket.
  • Multi-Platform: the only platform where your games are published across web, mobile, and VR, ensuring you reach every player on every device.

Our Story

Our story begins with our founders, Anand Agarawala and Jinha Lee. Inspired by the possibilities of technology, they endeavored to make the internet more interactive and fun. Anand led the creation of interactive computer interfaces, while Jinha pioneered AR technology, transforming screens into portals to fantastical worlds. Their innovative work culminated in Spatial's inception, a company leveraging VR and AR to build a more playful internet.

Since our first product launch in 2017, a VR/AR collaborative meeting tool presented alongside Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, we've been on a journey of growth and learning. The pandemic saw us evolve into a cross-platform event tool, but the real game-changer occurred in 2022. Our community began pushing the boundaries of the platform, creating games that promoted exploration, competition, and connection.

This was our 'aha' moment - the realization that games are the ultimate medium for playfulness and togetherness. Since then, we’ve put ourselves in our creators' shoes by publishing games like Punch Hero, Infinite Ascent, and Racing Empire that we will release as templates that can be remixed. We're also seeing brands like BMW and Tommy Hilfiger adopt Spatial for their own gamified experiences.

Satya Nadella with Spatial logo behind him at Microsoft Build 2017

Our Values

At Spatial, we operate by the following core values:

  • Build Things You Love. Love Things you Build. If we create something that we don’t love using ourselves, what are the odds our community will love it?!
  • Embrace the Hacker Within. You are encouraged to hack and try new stuff. If you have some crazy ideas you want to try in your spare time, you are more than welcome to.
  • Feedback Is Essential. We’re always evolving our processes and ourselves. If you have thoughts on how to improve anything, let us know!
  • Focus. Focus. Focus. Better to do one thing great than a bunch of things mediocrely. Always feel free to discuss prioritization so you can focus on what really matters.
  • We Are A Team. You are part of a small, collaborative, highly talented team that is always transparent and always has each other's back.
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Join Us

Our diverse and passionate team, based in New York, San Francisco, Canada, and Korea, boasts extensive experience in 3D design and gaming. We're continually on the lookout for talented individuals who are ready to contribute to our mission and shape the future of gaming. Interested in joining our journey? Explore our job openings here.