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Spatian Spotlight: Creative Owls

January 25, 2023

If you're an avid member of the web3 and metaverse community, you may have heard of Creative Owls. He's a digital artist, YouTuber, podcast host, and community builder who has made waves in the NFT space with his sold-out polygon NFT collection, "Moon Light Owls." and Metaverse events but, there's more to Creative Owls than just his art and events.

Creative Owls is a leading figure in the polygon ecosystem, having achieved several milestones and outcomes in the industry. He's the first NFT digital artist to become a Polygon Gaming x Polygon Studios Partner, a Ready Player Me Partner, and a Polygon Alliance luminary. He's also been highlighted in various community segments, twitter spaces, and publications, such as the Polygon Studios Community Segment and the Spatial Community Blog.

The Polygon Showcase is always a great time!

But, Creative Owls isn't just a one-dimensional artist. He's also a creator of various community-building resources, such as the Polygon Monthly Newsletter, the Creative Show Podcast, and the Polygon Showcase. He's even created the Polygon Social Metaverse which currently has over 20,000 visits, the Women in Tech NFT Gallery which currently has over 12,000 visits, and the Polygon Social Club. As a result, Creative Owls has amassed over 40,000+ Metaverse visits and has become a notable collaborator and friend to over 1000+ Polygon NFT artists.

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