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Polygon Community Pioneer: CreativeOwls Leads Artists into the World of Web3

April 1, 2022

Owl’s NFTs are unparalleled in their own right but the community that he cultivates and continues to grow within Spatial is truly remarkable. In this episode we dive into how he built the influence that propelled him as one of the largest hosts on our platform and a notable collaborator and friend to over 200 Polygon NFT artists. 

Creative Owl is not only a 3D architect and NFT Artist, but also a trailblazer in the expanding Web3 community. Using Adobe Illustrator, the digital artist designs unique 1 of 1 Owls that have fostered incredible public momentum. His most recent collection “MoonLight Owls” is currently SOLD OUT. 

With Spatial behind him, Creative Owl's goal is to onboard as many content creators as possible into the Web3 community. He’s teamed up with fellow artist @MegaRetroNFT as curators of the twitter live space “Mega Creative Show,” which focuses on advancing  artistic careers and helping creators maximize their talents. 

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On Jan. 22, 2022, Creative Owl shocked the  NFT world by hosting the biggest Web3 community event to date: “The Polygon Showcase.” The groundbreaking event was hosted on a limited Genesis NFT called “Museo” and featured 130 exceptional Polygon NFT artists. With each room at max capacity: art was collected, foundations were set, and relationships were  strengthened. Creators, collaborators, and more from all over the world flooded Spatial from mobile, desktop, and VR. 

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With so many new NFT artists racing to take advantage of this new blockchain space, Creative Owl and the Polygon community are providing a massive launchpad into the Web3 space. From 1 on 1 weekly meetups in Spatial, to creating YouTube videos “How to create your Metaverse NFT Gallery on Spatial”, Owl has made it his mission to ensure every walk of life has the opportunity to be successful in this new realm.  As the community flourishes, genuine support and guidance makes all the difference.

Using the  VR application Gravity Sketch, Creative Owl built the first ever Polygon metaverse on Spatial:  Polygon Social. A 24/7 hub dedicated to Polygon community artists, collectors, educators, and supporters.  

Now - we are just a day away from his next big move. On April 2nd and 3rd 2022, Owl will take his creative community to the next level: A Polygon Showcase powered by Spatial and in official collaboration with DashRadio and Polygon Studios!

Creative Owl and his community are a testament to the boundless potential that hard work, amazing artistry, genuine support and consistency can create in the Web3 Sphere. We’re just getting started!

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