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APP Central Launches Marketplace Expo in Spatial

July 1, 2021

Creating a new business in Spatial

In 2021 Luis Diaz saw an opportunity to use VR to build a unique experience for his business. APP Central is a tech consulting company that partners with applications to help resell customized packages to his clients.

He works with businesses to help them digitally transform and automate their processes. He is an expert in software that helps optimize businesses. APP Central sells business software, such as Expensify, to end users. Luis decided this year that it was prime time to make the most out of the software tools available to make a remote business thrive and have a personal touch. Spatial offered just that, a space he could customize to build a unique immersive experience. 

The original vision was to build an expo where he could teach his clients about all of their options but without traveling or expensive booth construction. The 3D models of booths started to comprise what would become his app marketplace. July 1st 2021 (Canada Day!) Diaz formally launched his business APP Central with offices and  expo space for all of his partners in Spatial! This experience functions as a journey through APP Central’s virtual world in Spatial consisting of 50+ room models and custom environments!

Building out custom spaces! 

Beyond each partner having their own space in his marketplace, Diaz built out his dream office building complete with his personal office, conference rooms, and a courtyard! These are spaces he can use to meet with clients or app partners.

“The last year-and-a-half have shown how important it is for businesses to be able to pivot and work from anywhere. That’s at the heart of our innovative virtual head office,” said APP Central founder Luis Diaz. “We’re excited to meet our clients there, and help them pick the right technology for all aspects of their business plan. It’s a great solution, especially when you are focused on running your businesses and don’t have time to sort through the thousands of different business software applications that are out there. “

Client Experience

The spaces he built come in all shapes and sizes depending on the depth of information he needs to convey. It was special for Spatial to see how he utilized our tools to curate his users journies. They start in our default gallery space where he has all of the logos of the companies he works with displayed. He does introductions and gives a high level explanation. Once he has a clear understanding and picture of what they are looking for he will use our templates feature to transition clients through the spaces without them needing to move a muscle. APP Central client Alexandra Catrina of Peninsula HR experienced Zoom burnout after 2020, but in Spatial “it felt like the environment was highly interactive which kept my attention engaged. There is so much functionality that can be used to make the experience feel more personal, even without video on! Despite being virtual, it felt as close to in-person meetings as possible.” 

Many of his clients are able to easily participate as avatars from Spatial’s web app for a unique and compelling experience if they do not have access to VR headsets. His clients are loving his ingenuity, Samantha Schwartz of TouchBistro said "After a year of working with Luis and the APP Central team, I can confirm their product absolutely delivers. APP Central is a stellar, seemingly next-century 3D-experience. They are taking the app marketplace to a hyper-technological sphere, and we are so excited to be partnered and along for the ride!"  His partners also feel valued knowing they have their own expo booth in Spatial in perpetuity which can we used to give their customers through APP Central a unique first contact experience.

We can’t wait to see how APP Central swings into success hosting client meetings and events in their Spatial rooms!

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