Introducing Spatial Games Season 1 Powered By Unity

November 9, 2023

Dear Spatians, 

Since our pivot in 2021, we've embarked on a remarkable journey together.

Earlier this year, we launched the Spatial Creator Toolkit, revealing the full range of creative possibilities. Today, we’re proud to share six in-house gamified experiences crafted entirely by the Spatial team with our Creator Toolkit, powered by the Unity game engine.

Introducing Spatial Games Season 1

These games are meant to inspire both developers and players everywhere to create, play & share experiences on the Spatial Web. From titles that nod to beloved classic games, such as Punch Hero to fresh experiences like Shooty Shooty that pay homage to retro-classics, along with the premiere of our first MMO, CyberPunk:Neon Ghost, each game is a journey of discovery pushing our platform's capabilities forward.

Our CEO, Anand Agarawala, sees the potential of Spatial as akin to that of Roblox. He aims to reach 200 million web gamers by leveraging advancements in WebGL, WebAssembly, and GPUs. In his words, "Gaming is the new medium for interactive storytelling content on the web. We are expanding the magic of the Roblox model to five million Unity developers, allowing them to reach 200 million web gamers - as many active players as Roblox or Fortnite.

At Spatial, we recognize the future of this medium requires supporting both the expertise of seasoned developers and the passion of new creators. As a first step, we are democratizing our game building tools and learnings from the past eight months. Our Season One - Holiday Developer Kit, features a wide suite of tools and mechanics from our latest creations to further empower developers of all skill levels to craft their own interactive stories more efficiently than ever before. (Coming Soon)

We're also excited to announce the introduction of C# scripting support for web, mobile, and VR – a first for any UGC gaming platform. The groundbreaking feature initially available in beta offers better performance and more flexibility in gameplay for all Unity game developers. 

Support for C# scripting is coming to Spatial

At its heart, Spatial was and always will be a canvas. From art to games, education to collaboration, every stroke, every pixel, contributes to the rich mosaic of Spatial Media - the new frontier of online experiences.

To every creator, brand, and studio that has embraced Spatial, thank you. Together, we are etching the blueprint for the next generation of media and entertainment.

The future of digital storytelling is in 3D. Let's continue to shape it together.

With gratitude, 

The Spatial Team

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