How to Promote Your NFTs? Four Effective Ways to Get Eyes on Your Art

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Creating and selling artwork as a Non-Fungible Token or “Digital asset” has completely disrupted the art world in many ways. Artists are promoting and selling their physical work as an NFT or even creating digital work that is meant to be experienced within the metaverse. Blockchain technology has proven itself ideal for art transactions, as it ensures that each piece is unique and allows for artists to receive royalties on their work.  Artists can put their work up for purchase or auction and collectors can be sure that the pieces are authentic.

NFTs are breaking boundaries in the physical world as well acting as tokens or “passes” for physical experiences, commerce, and more. 

How to Promote NFT Art

If you’re an artist, you’re probably wondering how to promote NFT art on OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces? With such a cutting edge field, you’ll have to stay on your toes to keep up with all the new methods for marketing your work. Here are four ways to promote your NFT to get you started!

1. Use Your Network

The old truism “it’s not what you know, but who you know” can often times still ring true. Personal interaction is still the best way to make connections, you may be surprised who you’re connected to indirectly. With technology like Spatial, making these connections are easier than ever. Unlike Web2, in Web3 you can directly connect with someone in a space that feel a lot like real life vs scrolling or 2D messaging.

Never underestimate the value of your friends and acquaintances: they can help you broker connections with collectors/marketers/mentors who will resonate with your work. Collaboration is key! 

2. Display Your Work on 

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Just like in the physical world–how you present your work is a major factor in how your pieces are perceived and whether they’re collected or not. With, the possibilities are endless. You can create a your own world and invite others in to interact with your work, host artists talks, livestream, create together and more! 

Your space alone can be an art piece and representation of who you are and your brand. Using tools like Sketchfab and our Creator Tool kit powered by Unity makes customization as easy as possible. 

Becoming a Spatian is easy 👽 You can create an account on Spatial for free, build community around your work to help promote your NFTs,  explore different creative communities, and find collaborators for future projects!  

3. Leverage Social Media

Whether it’s news, cultural trends, or events, social media is how we find out about practically everything now. Artists working in the physical world already rely heavily on Instagram and other platforms when it comes to how to promote NFT art. In addition to direct promotion on your own profile, you can also make connections with like minded artists by following and sharing your work with them. You can expand your network and create exciting new collaborative opportunities!

Social media however does require a level of consistency and commitment to see results. Attention spans are shorter than they’ve ever been before and to stay relevant, creators must remain authentic, creative, and constant. Keep your content niche, clear, and fun! 

An important thing to note is, the Web3 space is fairly new to the mass market. Leveraging Web2 and Web3 technology is key. Be sure to have your Spatial link visible on your Web2 social profiles and likewise, hyperlink anything in your space back out to your Web2 platforms. Educating and creating an accessible flow to your space will make it easy for others to join your world!

4. Connect With Influencers 

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Related to the above, you should find creators with aligned values and a network who might be able to raise awareness about your work. You want to be as intentional as possible about who you’re tying your brand to. Finding your tribe is easy when you’re being authentic! It’s possible to naturally get on the radar of influencers who have similar tastes to your own, then it’s much more likely to expand to others who resonate with your work as well.

An important thing to remember is to also check the engagement of the influencers when discussing brand deals. Followers don’t equal engagement. Sometimes micro influencers with great engagement, influence and a great network can provide better visibility for your brand. Cross collaboration posts, Instagram lives, twitter spaces etc can help bring more eyes to your work! 

Stay Flexible

Above are just a handful of ways that are tried and true. The NFT art world is a whole new business that is changing as fast as the technology, and you have to be open to trying new promotional techniques that might give you a huge edge over the competition. Finding community, building relationships and trust can go a long way.

If you can be as creative in your marketing as you are in your artwork, your audience will expand, and promoting your NFTs will get easier along the way. Consistency is key--keep building! 

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