Introducing Sketchfab: The Internet's Most Expansive 3D Library Is Now Integrated With Spatial

October 27, 2022

Spatial is pioneering Web3 as one of the first 3D and immersive social platforms for creatives and builders. In our mission to break boundaries, we are pleased to announce that we now offer a direct import of models and objects from Sketchfab!  

To celebrate the integration, we are also launching the Sketch Your Space Design Challenge in collaboration with Sketchfab–giving our creators the chance to achieve $5,000 USD cash, 1 free year of Spatial+, Sketchfab Premium and more.

Virtual Reality Meta Room 2022 + 3ds Max Corona” by Marcin Lubecki, in Spatial.

Sketchfab is the world’s most expansive 3D library. The 3D modeling platform enables creators to publish, share, discover, buy and sell 3D, VR, and AR content. Creatives can display their environments across VR, Web, and Mobile. Sketchfab remains accessible as thousands of their assets come at no cost.

With the new Sketchfab integration, Spatians can customize their spaces by importing any of the nearly 1 million free Creative Commons-licensed assets in Sketchfab’s library. This collaboration helps to empower the community to create unique, personalized virtual spaces that can be used to host events like exhibitions, live concerts, film screenings, scavenger hunts, community meetups, and more.

This monumental partnership gives so many the access to express and customize their spaces as 3D builders. Simultaneously, the collaboration gives increased utility and new social purpose to the thousands of environments on Sketchfab! 

Sketch Your Space Design Challenge

To celebrate the integration, we want to highlight and support our talented community! We’ve teamed up with Sketchfab to create the “Sketch Your Space Design Challenge”, a 3D building and designing competition. 

The challenge is grouped into two tiers–prizes include $5,000 USD cash, 1 free year of Spatial+, Sketchfab Premium and more. The theme is to design your dream space. No need to obey the laws of physics or even reason in your world. Unlocking your creativity is the mission–we want to see what an extension of you in a 3D space looks like!

The deadlines for both tiers are November 10th and 17th, 2022. Anyone can enter, submit at the link below.

Submission Form: Sketch Your Space Design Challenge

How to Import Sketchfab Models Into

Importing your models into Spatial is easy! Just follow these simple steps below. 

  1. From within your Spatial space, click the blue ‘+’ button at the bottom center of the screen.
  2. Select the Sketchfab tab from the search popup. Note that the first time you click this tab, you will be prompted to log in to your Sketchfab account.
  3. Enter your search criteria.
  4. Select the model you wish to add to your scene, place it in the scene, and adjust its position, rotation, and scale using the panel on the right.
  5. Explore and interact within the space with others 🎉

Spatial is built with accessibility in mind. We are available on desktop, mobile, and VR (iOS 13 or later, Android 9, and the Meta Quest 2). You can easily set up an account by connecting to your email and customizing your avatar however you’d like! 

Fusing Spatial and Sketchfab technology is strengthening the foundation for more accessible, creative, and immersive digital experiences for all. Exploring Web3 and connecting with your community has never been easier. 

For more tips and tricks on how to import models from Sketchfab into Spatial, check out our Support page:

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