Zoom Alternative: Spatial Takes Virtual Meeting to the Next Level

September 7, 2021

The New Normal and Industry 4.0 have transformed the modern workplace. More companies leaped to function from remote settings, which meant many important meetings had gone online. Zoom also became a household name within a short period, and many individuals used its features almost daily from the comfort of their tablets, laptops, and home desktops.

However, regardless of the convenience Zoom brought, something was lacking with the core interface of video conferences — specifically, the quality of face-to-face communication. Digital teleconferences may have enabled teams to connect remotely and somewhat reliably, but their flat interactive screen could never replace workplace dynamics in the flesh. 

Spatial’s team had been working to solve the problem of remote and distributed with XR since 2016. When they came out of stealth in late 2018, they could not have imagined that a global pandemic would soon escalate the importance of formerly niche alternative collaboration styles. With Spatial’s telepresence solution, teams can now communicate in a realistic environment to share stimulating ideas and engage in lively immersive collaboration. 

Telepresence Meetings Defined  

Telepresence meetings enable users to create the ideal location for their remote gatherings and meet-ups — whether to recreate the office atmosphere or construct an original destination from scratch. Spatial is fully customizable. Users can even establish the desired mood according to the theme of their events and meetings. 

Spatial’s alternative to Zoom offers engaging animated locations that go beyond 2D screen filters. For example, rather than merely depicting a scene, telepresence meetings invite participants to fully experience the place as though they were attending in person. 

With Spatial, you may have an event reception at the most pristine beaches, celebrate the New Year Countdown at Times Square with your top customers, or invite international partners to your office in less than one minute. Telepresence bridges the physical gap by uniting each participant in a collaborative shared space and connecting them in real-time without fuss or delay. 

clap from any platform in Spatial

Experience Unmatched Convenience 

Users can conveniently hop on a Spatial call at any time from any location with a Spatial-compatible headset, phone, or browser. The seamless process only takes a few minutes to set up, making it easy to get the immersive meeting online and ready to go. In addition, each headset works cross-platform so that participants may enjoy the same optimal collaborative experience regardless of their preferred device and program.  

Perhaps the best part is that these headsets are entirely optional. Participants may choose to check in to a telepresence meeting via their webcams without missing a quality session. Spatial offers some of the best alternatives to Zoom by creating an inclusive environment accessible to every individual within the organization. 

Host Realistic Interactions

The AR/VR space functions with a flow-like quality that promotes greater attention and retention rates in users. Participants can quickly create a realistic 3D avatar with a 2D photo/image and join a room with their customized profile. 

Users may use facial expressions and gestures to communicate their thoughts and ideas with clarity, as they would in reality. The feeling of presence is paramount to the success of a virtual experience and Spatial accomplishes it better than other platforms of its kind. The entire telepresence process creates an unrestricted experience that elevates remote meetings to more productive levels. 

Exceed Reality’s Boundaries  

In reality you could not have a casual Tuesday stand up on the moon or underwater, but in Spatial you can. This adds an element of fun for some and utility for others. Have your meeting in a building that doesn’t exist yet or in a layout optimized for your company’s workflow. 

Spatial’s telepresence meetings also provide a vast range of integrations, enabling users to pull out and display data with unsurpassed ease. From showing slides to infographics and videos, speakers may interact with their audience using highly dynamic resources from the comforts of a virtual/augmented space. Spatial also enables users to rethink traditional presentation and meeting styles, migrating to more interactive and collaborative methods. 

Telepresence supports a new generation of remote meetings where speakers may conduct quality talks and discussions with improved interaction and uninterrupted efficiency. 


Optimize Brainstorming Sessions

The human brain understands and retains information spatially. Meeting participants engage in improved research and ideation with built-in whiteboards and virtual real estate that let them display complex visual concepts almost instantaneously. Since visuals are one of the most powerful aspects of learning, organizations can look forward to more productive meetings resulting in innovation and industry excellence. 

Additionally, Spatial’s intuitive interface enables participants to quickly download the resources and content shared in their sessions for future reference. Modern organizations may ditch tedious meeting minutes in favor of dynamic logs recorded in real-time.  


Equal Table Stakes 

Spatial's revolutionary software offers the same compatibilities as Zoom, so users will not miss a beat with the transition. In fact, the system will serve to create a more immersive experience, especially because Spatial supports similar features such as the sharing of video, audio, and files across remote locations. 

Your organization won't be at a disadvantage in the rapidly evolving business world, but will be leaps and bounds ahead of competitors by familiarizing teams with this technology. Spatial can empower your team, driving priceless breakthroughs in progress and remote work relationships. 


Reach out to the Spatial Team to request a quote and start experiencing the next stage in remote meetings. Prepare to impress your clients, partners, and employees with a solution that enhances communication and collaboration in unparalleled dimensions.

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