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What is an NFT Gallery? 5 Galleries to Visit in Spatial!

September 26, 2022

Blockchain technology has brought about major changes in the art world from artists gaining creative control to NFTs ensuring the authenticity of tangible works of art. Since many artists are now creating work that exists in both the physical and virtual world, it’s no surprise that innovation is also reaching how these works of art are being displayed.

As NFT art becomes more mainstream, the growing community is eager to appreciate digital artwork in an elevated  way, not simply scrolling 2 dimensionally. The experience of being surrounded by curated artwork according to style, theme, and creator is a revered experience in the tangible art world and virtual works should encompass a similar vibe.

These dedicated spaces for the appreciation and purchase of art has expanded into the metaverse, with curators and artists creating NFT art galleries pioneering an immersive way to   observe metaverse art and connect with communities from all over the world. In addition to an enhanced experience, NFT art galleries also equip artists with the tools to control the purchasing process as well as benefit directly from their creations. This is a huge step forward, as it can increase the profile and prestige of artists working in virtual spaces and bring about vital innovation in the field.

Renting a physical space and setting up dozens of monitors can be extremely  expensive and undermines a crucial point of virtual artwork: to experience art in an entirely novel space, something different from the tangible world. Something that reflects the original nature of digital artwork. How do you make a museum or gallery designed for virtual work?  More and more people are using VR headsets, hopping via web and using immersive apps like Spatial to leverage this technology that enable visitors to go completely virtual, making the entire experience immersive.

NFT Galleries in Spatial

In the last couple of years, Spatial has seen artists and collectors jump into the platform to host their private showroom, artist talks, gallery experiences and more. These incredible creators and communities naturally flock to Spatial as our platform makes displaying their art in an NFT gallery and connecting with their community more accessible and immersive. 

With our MetaMask Integration, pedestals, frames, token gating, Go Live feature, a descriptive caption panel for art, and so much more, we’re committed to developing new capabilities that cater to our community of creators. 

Our Partnership with Polygon

Our commitment to NFT Galleries is ever growing as we integrate more and more blockchains. In additions to ETH and Solana, we offer support for and are official partners with Polygon to further expand our creative community. We have hosted several Polygon socials and  the Polygon takeover a massive event to celebrate our partnership. The event featured many  NFT polygon artists from all over world. Many sold out their collections from the accessibility and exposure Spatial offers creators.

Communities Building NFT Galleries In Spatial

There are many more communities making history on the web3 space, let’s check out some of the fantastic galleries displaying metaverse art on Spatial!

1. NeoSutras Metaverse Art and Wellness Center

Sacred Geometry-Inspired Performance Art

Pola Rubis and Lamonte Goode fuse original art forms with natural human skills and digital technologies through NeoSutras, a community pioneering a symbiosis of multidisciplinary performance art such as dance, yoga, photography, videography, body art, and digital design. They are now bringing their offerings into Spatial in an immersive NFT gallery that creates an exciting hybrid between the physical and virtual worlds.

NeoSutras’ fusion of dance with other art forms is inspired by sacred geometry–the geometrical laws that govern everything. Merging ancient wisdom and modern body-mind-soul teachings, their mission is to awaken the audience to the infinite consciousness possibilities through a mindful, empowering, and expressive body movement style.

From conscious entertainment, workshops, retreat programs, dance, concepts and exhibition art, and individual consulting sessions, NeoSutras have an incredible NFT art gallery built in our Obsidian Space and hosted in Spatial.

2. 1111 Gallery 

A collaboration inspired by Andy Warhol | Yacine AK | Niwin Collection & Virtual Exhibition made with Spatial

Created by French artist Yacine Aït Kaci (aka YAK), ELYX is a digital character that transcends international boundaries and promotes issues of importance to the world, promoting empathy, sustainability, and solidarity. After ten years of work with the United Nations, ELYX  became the first digital ambassador for the UN in 2015.

Though drawn in a relatively simple style, ELYX has a number of different expressions and forms, engaging viewers with photos, videos, and 3D models. Now he has his own NFT gallery devoted to raising awareness about sustainable development goals: 1111 Gallery.  Andy Warhol, the artist most associated with Pop Art, was known for taking ordinary objects and re-contextualizing them as works of art. A strong advocate for the mass production of art, making him an inspiration for NFT artmakers seems natural–given that NFTs are created, in whole or in part, using an autonomous system.

Yacine Aït Kaci (YAK) created a dialogue between the art of Andy Warhol and the virtual character ELYX as he evolves toward greater autonomy. The exhibition at 1111 Gallery consists of 1111 portraits of ELYX responding to works by Andy Warhol, 111 of which are physically available as single edition prints.

3. Hi CeeCee’s AI Art Gallery

Since diving into the web3 space, Cee Cee has become a community builder, artist advocate, metaverse event planner,  influencer and more in the digital realm. HICeeCee’s AI Art Gallery is a visual representation of what lives in her heart and mind which she often describes as a love letter to her Spatian community. 

The works displayed as you walk the interior of the Gallery are from current collections and concept pieces from yet unreleased collections. As you peruse the gallery floors, you see a progression of Cee Cee’s skills. Working in web3 has expanded her experiences, and it shows in the evolution of her work from simple digital manipulation to intense collaboration with AI.

The environment itself is built by the incredibly talented @Treepledreamers and also features works from members of the community that she has collected, been gifted, or aspires to collect. You will also see a sitting tree, filled with portals to the places she frequents and serves as a hub where you can connect to other world’s.

4. Hajime Tsuruta’s Tower Art Gallery 

Tower Art Gallery created by mindbending architect Haime Tsuruta has been become a favorite space among the Spatian community. The design of the space is truly eye catching with it’s almost web like structure. The mesh outer wall of the tower obscures the boundary with the outside and integrates with nature.  “Human being keeps devastating nature, simultaneously longs for it in spirit. We live on this paradox until we return to the earth,” said Tsuruta. “At least, we could live in a botanical structure of the metaverse.” The space is absolutely stunning to be in. 


 As a japanese creator, Tsuruta’s Two-World House pays homage to the culture.   

Two families are living in an upper and under world. The upper family seems to live in a modern Japanese era, while on the other hand, the family in the other dimension seems to live in a classic Japanese era. Both of these dimensions represent the narrow and complicated Japanese architectural style of housing in each era at the same time.

Each has portal on the top floor which links 1 & 2 together so that people could feel both dimensions of architecture simultaneously and experience it like Escher’s trick art in three dimensionality.

For Tsuruta,  Spatial is not only for an interaction, nor an event, but for feeling art. 

5. Tyrone Webb Spray Paint Artist’s Futuristic Landscapes

One of the first artists to utilize Spatial for their NFT art gallery, Spatial’s technology is vital to Tyrone Webb’s work. Pivoting from a tech career to becoming a full-time artist, Webb drew inspiration from Colorado’s natural beauty, imagining what the Red Rocks would look like 300 million years in the future, differentiating himself from other futurists who focus on technology. According to Webb: “Within each of my pieces is an inherent safety, despite the location seeming impossible or inhospitable.”

Webb continues to spearhead fine spray paint art as a leading art genre and has also expanded his artistry as an official SuperRare contributor. 

The Possibilities Are Endless in Spatial

Above is just a small sample of the artists whose work is finding a home on Spatial. As more creators see the unlimited possibilities of the metaverse and embrace new technology, NFT artwork will gain greater prestige in the industry and inspire innovation–opening up new horizons for the world to explore.

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