3 Ways You Can Use Spatial Without a Headset

September 8, 2021

Virtual reality is synonymous with a few consistent preconceived notions. Firstly, many think of VR as a way to play video games. Similarly, VR is often associated with a clunky headset and limited accessibility. At Spatial, we’re not a fan of limiting how users access the potential of our digital spaces and rooms. In fact, we made sure that a headset didn’t keep interested teams and users from utilizing Spatial. Users love our Interactive Web App!

Using Spatial Without a VR Headset

One of the perks of Spatial is that users who don’t have access to a VR headset and related hardware aren’t left out of the experience. Spatial is accessible from both a web browser and the Spatial mobile app

On the desktop you can just click a link to join the meeting room to which you’ve been invited. You do not even need to make an account, but if you would like to have an avatar or join a private room you will need to. Much like other video conferencing platforms, non-VR hardware participants in Spatial VR rooms can interact with all users in that space. 
Within the web app, you can talk to all users via audio and share your webcam for a more personalized experience. Without a VR headset, you can also share notes with the group and do in-room searches that allow you to easily navigate documents and files shared with participants. You can jump (space), clap ( c ), dance (1), and navigate all over by clicking and dragging the screen, using the arrows, and WASD keys. This accessibility allows you to use VR without the headset and there are 3 interesting ways that this comes into play for Spatial’s wide variety of uses for teams and businesses.

Interact with any Community

Host meetups for social groups, classes and conferences in Spatial! Without a headset, you can still utilize Spatial’s dynamic VR rooms to hold captivating and productive meetups. Users who are utilizing headsets will have access to the 3D environments in Spatial with hands-on interactivity. Without a VR headset, you’re still able to view and engage with other members in a way that pushes the boundaries of virtual meetings to more realistic and engaging heights.  

Experience Dynamic Galleries and Exhibits

Spatial is a great way for creators and curators to set up virtual galleries and exhibits. From artists showing their work, to museums creating virtual spaces for education and curious minds. Spatial provides the means to make more effective virtual spaces. Without a headset, viewers can still maneuver through the VR spaces, strike up compelling conversations, and take in the incredible work around them. Not to mention the NFT community can click the link and be taken directly to OpenSea to buy any pieces they love from the gallery.

View Architectural Plans — “Look at this spot that I'm thinking of buying!”

This is a use case that can function casually or in professional settings. Say you are buying a place and have the 3D version, pop it right in and set it as the environment. Or do a LiDAR scan of the space with our mobile app to bring it right in and show your people the layout without them needing to travel. Work for an Architecture, Construction, Interior Design firm? You folks already know to do, drag and drop your models into Spatial and you are good to go! 

Get Started With Spatial Today

Whether you’re hesitant to buy a VR headset or simply want a more accessible way to enjoy Spatial, the possibilities are endless. Check out everything Spatial has to offer today and get started on a better way to meet virtually.

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