Top 10 Best Free Game Building Platforms of 2023

June 1, 2023

In the world of game development, finding the right platform to publish your game is crucial. For indie game developers seeking easy and free ways to publish their games to a multiplayer experience, there are several top free game publishers to consider:

Steam: The Gaming Giant

Steam, while not entirely free, is a platform that cannot be overlooked due to its vast user base. It charges a $100 recoupable publishing fee and has a 70/30 revenue split. Despite the cost, the potential exposure to over 100 million users makes it a worthy consideration for indie developers. The Immersive Experience Platform stands out as a comprehensive platform for creating immersive and interactive experiences. It allows you to publish your game for free directly from Unity to a multiplayer experience across web, VR, and mobile. Its standout feature, the Creator Toolkit, is a straightforward system that makes game development accessible even to those with limited coding experience. Moreover, is not just a platform for developers but also a great platform for players to discover and explore games. The Indie Developer's Paradise is a free platform for indie game developers to showcase their product with complete ability to customize the game page, revenue split, and price of the game. is best known for its indie game publishing, with games typically priced between $0-$20.

Game Jolt: The Long-Standing Platform

Game Jolt has been around for 15 years and offers a free submission of games with user choice of revenue split, while keeping 70% of ad earnings on your page. It's a great platform for indie developers looking to reach a broad audience. The DRM-Free Platform is known for its DRM-free video games and films. It offers free publishing but has a tough approval process from the review team which accepts only a few handfuls of games each month.

Humble Bundle: The Charitable Platform

Humble Bundle reviews every submitted game before being set live on their server, with a revenue split of 75-15 and donating 10% to charity. It's a great platform for developers who want to give back to the community.

Kongregate: The Player-Centric Platform

Kongregate provides several opportunities for developers to make their game stand out, based on a ratings-heavy system centered towards pitching the game on the front page.

Roblox: The User-Generated Platform

Roblox is a unique platform where users can create and publish their own games for free. It has a large and active community, making it a great place for developers to get their games noticed.

Newgrounds: The Flash Game Pioneer

Newgrounds is a platform that has been around since the heyday of Flash games. It's free to upload games, and it has a large and active community that can provide valuable feedback.

Choosing the right platform depends on your game's needs and target audience. Each platform has unique features and a community that can help you reach your desired players. Remember, the journey to publish a game for free involves more than just development. It also includes marketing, receiving feedback, and continuous improvement. But with the right tools and platforms, you can make your game available to the world without a hefty price tag!


How do I get a publisher for my game? Research potential publishers that align with your game's genre and style. Prepare a solid pitch that includes a demo, a business plan, and a marketing strategy.

Can I publish my own game? Yes, many platforms like, Steam, and allow developers to self-publish their games.

Can you publish a game without a publisher? Yes, self-publishing is a popular route for indie developers. Platforms like and are perfect for this.

How much does it cost to publish a game? Costs vary depending on the platform. Some platforms like allow you to publish for free, while others like Steam have a publishing fee.

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