Spatian Spotlight: Dope Stilo Music Club

March 9, 2023

The Dope Stilo Music Club is a platform for artists and creators to express themselves in an immersive environment—blending both physical and digital realities. It's a place where people can come together, share ideas, educate each other, and just be dope!

Every Wednesday, we meet in Stilo World, where we perform, showcase work, listen to spoken word, go over community highlights, support one another, and more! Built by my good friend CyberNerdBaby using the — our new world has changed the game. Powered by Unity, now we can interact with our environment, fly with moving hotspots, and soon have fully custom avatars!

Stilo World

The vision is to create an ecosystem where artists can thrive within themselves and share that with others! As we continue to connect with a wide range of people on a deeper level through the immersive internet, we are creating something bigger—something interoperable with real-world impact. 

The goal is to build with platforms like Spatial, where we can all connect and collaborate on anything related to music production, recording, live performances, and more. The immersive internet enables us as artists to grow our projects while simultaneously building others as we all share information, knowledge, and experiences. It also helps us build a much larger community of people interested in what we do, allowing us to reach more global listeners!

Dope Stilo In The "Cave Art Gallery" By Hajime Tsuruta

These values created The Dope Stilo Music Club—a place where like-minded individuals can share, collaborate, educate, and build together. A year of creating has produced many rewards for our ecosystem and beyond. We are so grateful for the growth over the past year, and it’s still only the beginning!  

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