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Spatial Park: A Community Hub in Spatial's Metaverse

December 8, 2021

Visit the Spatial Park with your friends or jump in to meet members of the Spatial community! Spatial Park was designed to be a multifunctional space where users can meet up, hang out, and Explore. 


Work started on Spatial Park at a time where users wanted to spontaneously meet others easily on our platform. Instead of coordinating where to meet, to simply be able to say “hey let’s meet in Spatial” and have a neutral starting point before going to a gallery or personal space.

To make it possible, Jinha Lee, Spatial co-founder and CPO formed a vision of a modular courtyard common to draw people from all over the world,  functioning like a virtual campus quad. Designed in collaboration with architect Sylvia Lee, the Park redefines its iconic presence in a virtual world by creating a new cultural destination with an immersive outdoor environment. Each ‘pod’ offers something new for the visitor to experience, acting as a creative nest for the community to repose, delight, converse, and contemplate on the art that is displayed throughout. The sequence of spaces encourages spontaneous conversation while offering smaller nooks for people to be more intentional about their gatherings.

This environment is persistent, always open, and always available to our users. You won’t be able to add personal content, this space is about connection between people. If you want to meet and go elsewhere together you can jump through one of four featured environment portals on their colorful pedestals. 

This serene environment is perfect for taking a break from your day and relaxing. There are several areas to meet, hang out, and appreciate art. We plan on using the environment to host Spatial events as well as promote events that are happening amongst our community. Serious about wanting your event featured on Explore or promoted in the Park? Fill this out. 


Not only is this community watering hole incredibly scenic but it is also full of beautiful art! Spatial Park will have a rotating art gallery promoting the art of members of Spatial’s community. We will be exhibiting a handful of artists, well known and up and coming, each month! Launching this month in the Spatial Park Gallery are 25 different vibrant art pieces by 11 different artists on display in a variety of mediums, both 2D and 3D. They are also a mix of NFT and non-NFT art. 

The artists we had the pleasure of collaborating with were Bears Deluxe, Connie Geerts, Fasiha Rauf, Jeweliyana Reece, Josh Pierce, Loudsqueak, Omnimorphs, Patricia Lortie, Seungdo Hyun, Victoria Fard, and 8siannft.

Some of the projects featured in the Spatial Park are very valuable. These included the Honey Ecosystem by the Bears Deluxe, custom Steve Aoki Omnimorph, two of the yet to be published NFT PFPs from 8siannft; and a few pieces by a variety of artists that are participating in the ‘Boris Walks Along’ gallery!


Along all the curated pieces, there are the 4 featured portals: Snowed In by M2 Studios, The Hermitage Museum by the State Hermitage Museum and, The Meeting Place by Cyril Lancelin and Benny Or, and the 8sian Foundation Museum by 8sian

The pieces were curated to revolve around the portals and to work in unison with the vibrant colour palette that forms a well-rounded colour composition, as well as with the curves of the wall space.

Stay tuned for upcoming new artists, pieces, projects and spaces that will be featured every month!

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