Polygon NFT Gallery Takeover: Spatial Celebrates a New Partnership

April 29, 2022
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It is important to Spatial that everyone in our community can get started creating their web3 galleries without any activation cost and as easily as possible. Regardless of where you choose to mint your work, you are not just welcome in Spatial but celebrated for arriving! This week we celebrated taking a huge step forward in our efforts to support multi-chain.

With our commitment to our users in mind, we released support for Polygon and announced our official Polygon partnership. We highlighted many incredible artists who have built their solo NFT exhibitions in Spatial on our Explore tab — bringing their work front and center within our platform. 

Now it would be most accurate to say that before we officially supported Polygon on our platform, the community of the Polygon NFT network supported Spatial. We got to know this community and saw the impact Spatial galleries were having on their connectivity as well as their NFT sales. Our engineering has now caught up with our love for the Polygon community and it really pulled on all of our heartstrings. 

CeeCee from Creative Owl’s Polygon Social community wrote the remainder of this post, so you can hear the news directly from the Polygon Spatial community: has been working on tokenizing assets for some time now, utilizing Polygons Matic Network and, more recently, making these tokens available within Spatial environments. Creators will be pleased to know that a new integration has just launched that allows them to view and purchase NFTs in their wallets with one click, no software download required.

Polygon is the first layer 2 solution for Ethereum that allows near-instant, low-cost transactions without sacrificing decentralization of security. Polygon blockchain supports many use cases such as DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, it enables high scalability without compromising on the decentralized nature of blockchains. and Polygon will provide a frictionless experience to thousands of creators.

The new integration of Polygon and Solana marketplaces will see’s popularity with web3 creators expand exponentially. It is now easier for creators to monetize their digital works and provide a frictionless experience to collectors.

To kick off this event has partnered with Polygon Studios and to release this announcement, calling it the Polygon take over. This event will feature NFT polygon artist on the spatial explore tab, letting users easily find and purchase NFTs.

Polygon Galleries on Spatial's Explore Page

“From Day 1 Spatial has been focused on building an open, accessible and interoperable metaverse for everyone – artists, creators, community builders and more. A key part of that vision for Web3 is supporting chains that are fast, low cost, have a minimal impact on the environment, and benefit creators. That’s why we’re so excited to officially partner with Polygon – an incredible platform with an even more incredible community. There’s already been an amazing, active, Polygon community on Spatial for months, and this partnership & integration will make it even easier for them to build their home in Web3.” - Jake Steinerman

The main benefit, in my opinion, dear reader, of using to buy NFTs is that you can do so with confidence that you’re purchasing from the proper collection—it will become more difficult for bad actors trying to replicate successful work.

The web3 tidal wave is upon us, the process is streamlining, and onboarding new users is becoming easier. Do you want to know more, or are you looking to get involved in the NFT community? Join the CreativeOwls Discord 

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