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Spatial Creator Toolkit Holiday Release: C# Support, AI CoPilot and Free Unity Game Assets

November 10, 2023

The doors are blown off with the latest update to Spatial’s SDK powered by Unity’s game engine

New Game: Buddy Blitz Coming Soon

We are excited to announce the long-awaited holiday release of the Spatial Creator Toolkit powered by Unity’s game engine. This release is a significant milestone as we move out of beta and introduce version 1.0. Get ready to delve into a realm of infinite creativity and take your Unity game development to new heights with the introduction of C# scripting – a pioneering feature for any user-generated content gaming platform in history.

Build nearly anything with support for C# Scripting

Support for C# scripting is coming to Spatial

Gear up to boost your projects with the robust capabilities of C#! Spatial is the first UGC gaming platform to support native C# scripting on web, mobile and VR. The feature will be made available in private beta starting this month, followed by a wider release in early 2024. This enhancement simplifies Unity development for seasoned creators, offering greater gameplay flexibility and improved performance.

Want to join the beta? Click the link below to apply.

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Get ultra-fast guidance using the new AI Copilot

AI Copilot Live Now

The Spatial Creator Toolkit has tons of capabilities and tools to help you build, publish and monetize your game, and with the introduction of C# support the possibilities are even more vast than ever. Sometimes it’s challenging to find the info you need, or just need a little help to get you to where you need to go. So we’re introducing Copilot - a AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT, to help make the development process even easier!

For example - ask Copilot for help with setting up an Inter-actable, building a Quest with Visual Scripting, or for full C# code. You can even have a brainstorm session to help you refine your latest game idea!

Start chatting with Copilot today!

(Copilot is currently in Alpha, so it may provide answers that are not accurate, or incorrect entirely.)

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6 new free sample game asset packs to kickstart your game development

Spatial Games SZN 1

To ignite your creativity, we're rolling out SIX free Unity sample kits, inspired by the games from Spatial Games' Season 1. Each kit offers a unique experience, showcasing various gameplay mechanics and demonstrating the endless possibilities of the  Creator Toolkit.

In addition to the vast sample library already provided, these new kits will inspire you to create immersive and captivating experiences.

  • Racing Kit - Unleash Speed with Assets from Racing Empire
  • Obstacle Course Kit - Navigate Thrilling Challenges with Assets from Drop Buddies
  • Shooting Kit - Master Precision with Comprehensive Shooting Mechanics
  • Fighting Kit - Engage in Epic Battles with Mechanics from Neon City
  • Lighting Sample - Illuminate Your Scenes with Proper Lighting Techniques
  • C# Samples - Explore the Versatility of C# in Your Projects

These sample kits will be coming soon. Follow us on X/Twitter @Spatial_io and join the Discord to get notified when they’re available!

Check out the full Sample Library

Get ready to embrace the future of Unity game development with the Spatial Creator Toolkit 1.0. Stay tuned for more updates and start exploring the new possibilities today!

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