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NFT conferences — Spatial Team Autumn Adventures

December 1, 2021

NFT.NYC, AWE, & Miami Art Week

November 2021 brought many fun adventures for the Spatial team both at home and various ends of the country! 

We feel that we are living through an important moment in history. Not just referring to Spatial history, though this time does mark a huge shift for us into the art world! It is a time in technological history parallel to the advent of the internet and similar technological renaissance throughout time. 

This month really has been a whirlwind of digging in our heels on our new identity and embracing our amazing, beautiful, and creative users full of artists and brilliant minds. We have a lot to be grateful for, most notably our incredible community. 


NFT.NYC took place in Times Square and satellite sites around NYC starting November 1st. One of those satellite sites was none other than Spatial HQ in Soho. 

This four-day NFT conference featured over 500 speakers, including NFT artists, Blockchain leaders and experts, and other professionals from the NFT community. Famous artists and collectors from all over the world are converging on NYC for the event to engage with the active NFT community. This event is the first real-world event happening since NFT’s started booming in the mainstream earlier this year. 

Spatial hosted two virtual galleries that mirrored the galleries at our in-person parties. We hosted them in our office and on our beautiful rooftop overlooking the New York City skyline.  These galleries, which perfectly parallel what physical attendees will see, give those unable to attend in person the ability to do so virtually. The unique blend of virtual and physical attendance bridged through technology lets attendees experience a special event they are sure to remember. 

Over the course of the week, Spatial showcased the works of  24+ celebrated artists. In collaboration with SuperRare, on Tuesday, which showcased works that celebrate New York City. See the art and tour our NYC office here.

One of the projects showcased was The Meeting Place, which is the first room on Spatial to be minted! This 1/1 piece was minted on SuperRare. It was very exciting, keep reading to the end to learn more about upcoming launches. 

On 11/4 we collaborated with SuperChief, Figment, 0x Society, Atomic Form, and Looking Glass. This gallery is focused on capturing the vibrance and energy of the NFT community with colorful and eye-catching pieces. See the gallery here

We also were able to meet many people at the conference itself with OpenSea - where we were giving demos that showed off our MetaMask integration. WE were showing a lot of the same artists as at the evening parties as well as a few additional artists in our original gallery environment.

Jake gave an incredible presentation as well at NFT.NYC about VR as a Social Collaborative Medium - Watch Here!

NFT.NYC was so incredible and the warmth of the entire NFT community was tangible. We were so grateful to get to meet so many artists, collectors, and projects. 

It was absolutely mind blowing to meet some of the most well known artists in the industry. But, speaking of incredible artists and humans who were there — we finally met the one and only Michael Potts IRL! 

AWE - Augmented World Expo

The next week the Spatial team flew out to California to see our friends in the XR community at AWE. Due to covid it was a bit smaller than most years, obviously happening partially virtually. Sometimes it is worth traveling, and after two years and a lot of change in the industry we needed to show up. 

Jacob gave a talk about our new product direction, which was delivered with more conviction than ever after the excitement of the previous week. It was written about in Wired.

Jake had a fun time MCing the Main Stage for a day! He brought great energy and got to meet all the brilliant speakers! 

Bri’s (my) favorite part of AWE was being able to catch up with friends in the AR/VR world and seeing some amazing new product demos. The most fun was Tilt 5, I could have stayed at their booth playing all day! If you like tabletop gaming keep an eye out for this. 


Here is Jake, Bri, and Bella pictured with our friends David Oh and Steve Lukas!  

Art Basel Miami 

To close out November with a bang we are down in Miami to hang out on the beach and party with our friends. JK! To meet artists in both the NFT space and the traditional art world and entice them about the many virtues of having a virtual gallery in the metaverse. 

First thing we had to do in Miami was hang out with the Eylx Team who came all the way from France! They were the very first organization to ever have a museum in Spatial and we love them for that and because they are committed to sustainability and equality. 

There is a lot going on this week, Art Basel hasn’t even officially started yet! That will be December 2nd to 4th. So far we’ve hit NFT BZL, DeCentral Miami, SCOPE Art Fair, and a couple of evening shindigs. We’ve already met some awesome people 

Jacob was on a panel at DCentral Miami and will be moderating a talk at Samsung IRL as well. Jake and I will be running around, you can find us staring at art, dancing, or occasionally being those odd ducks whipping out VR headsets! Let us know if you're here!

Whats going on in December?

Beyond Art Basel — We have big plans for December! Non-conference related plans! Like real big product evolution plans! While the growth team has been out and about, our engineers and designers have been busy working on a new Spatial we know you’re all gonna love! 

6.0 is now out! We will be sharing loads more information about all that is new! 

We will also be having multiple NFT Immersive Environment Drops in December, if you’re interested to be the first to learn more you can join the waitlist! 


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