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Metaverse Gallery Tour: NeoSutras Sacred Geometry Inspired Performance Art 

February 23, 2022

What is NeoSutras?

Pola Rubis & Lamonte Goode are the founders of NeoSutras. Both are artists with impressive independent careers as dancers, performers, authors, and yogis. Their creations fuse original art forms with natural human skills and digital technologies. NeoSutras is a symbiosis of multidisciplinary performance art and disciplines such as: dance, yoga, photography, videography, body art, and digital design. Now they are venturing into a new medium as they bring their gallery and offerings into Spatial. Spatial allows people to experience and learn about their work together and experience NFT art in an immersive way. Pola and Lamonte love their practice for its exploration of unique movements, human body discovery and the emotional connections that are made. The NeoSutras team thrives on the energy they gain in their creative process and performances. Ultimately deriving joy from seeing people become inspired to be the best versions of themselves through this work.

NeoSutras is a bold new dance fusion inspired by sacred geometry - the geometrical laws which govern everything in existence as a combination of yoga, breakdance, contemporary and acrobatics. This innovative art of dance merges ancient wisdom and modern body-mind-soul teachings, as it captures universal oneness and human synergy through strong and sensual movement that connects past, present and future. Their mission is to awaken our audience to the infinite consciousness possibilities through the mindful, empowering and meaningful body movement style of NeoSutras.

“We are here to spark the energy, connection and intimacy within individuals, partners, and communities through this multidisciplinary art.”

Something New in the Metaverse 

Spatial is excited to highlight NeoSutras, NFT & performance artist duo who are pioneering new forms of wellness and dancing art in the Web3 space. NeoSutras has an incredible gallery put together in our Obsidian Space. They will be hosting their unique shows and educational classes in Spatial! They offer conscious entertainment, workshops, retreats programs, dance, concepts and exhibition art, couples and individual consulting sessions. Soon the duo will host a myriad of workshops and performances from within Spatial and we cannot wait to see their community thrive. 

They are using body art forms to inspire, motivate and introduce the message of authentic and deep connection; with possibilities of inner and outer transformations. With every creation, their ultimate intention is to raise the frequency and consciousness of the viewer as well as to educate and inspire couples and individuals for deeper self-exploration, connection, body awareness and self-care. The concept of turning consumption-based relationships into authentic love is very inspiring. 

Q&A With NeoSutras:

When did you know that this was the right path for you?

When we started to collaborate a few years ago, we naturally created so many gorgeous shapes, unique concepts and connectivity together quite quickly. This fusion of masculine and feminine felt really good. We felt that we were tapping into something very special and powerful.

The ultimate confirmation happened after we launched our first desert dance video on social media and received incredible feedback from millions of people around the world! Every day, we had anywhere from 100k-200k new views. Thousands of shares and comments from men, women, teenagers and even kids! They all felt some degree of peace, love and resonated with the frequency of our message. After that, people from all over the globe started to reach out and invite us to be a part of their events. But most importantly, we felt just how much the world needed authentic love and inspiration, which we are channeling through the NeoSutras movement.

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?

We think that self-worth was the most challenging at the beginning. When one represents something completely new and innovative, one should be strong and invest a lot of time, and believe in your dream to make others believe in and love it as well. We are lucky to have each other and during moments of hardship, the other is there to support and encourage!

That’s what we are standing for: love, support, unity. Most of the artists have this insecurity and we would love to show the example of manifesting dreams into reality.

Tell us about your recent collection.

“Beyond Romance” is the latest series of NeoSutras visual body codes featuring diverse natural elements and immersing the viewer into a plethora of spiritual stages that awaken sacred emotions. Each piece is encoded as an “emotional state carrier” that awakens its frequency in the viewer to attract more goodness into their life.

Our ultimate intention with this collection is to raise the consciousness and universal love vibration of the viewer. All collectors will receive the NeoSutras book: “Yoga For Love & Intimacy” as a gift and deeper dive into the self-empowerment practice. 

You wrote a book? 

Yes, a yoga-inspired book for couples. It holds 50 healing asanas, animated with movement, and deepened with meditation, which help to root in worthiness and open up intimacy. It builds a strong connection between the partners through playful movement and safe touch. This book guides you on how to move from the lack of intimacy, to its abundance. 

NeoSutras is a daily practice of reconnection to yourself and your partner. With this knowledge, you will:

  • learn how to root in worthiness
  • move out of stuck emotional patterns
  • experience authentic connection
  • spice up your relationship
  • enjoy mind-blowing intimacy

Embracing our differences. The NeoSutras book shows how to embrace our differences, widen acceptance, and renew trust. You will learn how to deeply connect with your loved one in a non-verbal way and become the one and only lover your partner craves. You will experience what it really feels like to be lovable, loving, and loved.  

Go Check Out Their Gallery Here

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