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Celebrating Korean Lunar New Year in Spatial

February 12, 2021

Due to Covid-19 many families in Korea were unable to travel home for the four-day Lunar New Year holidays. Major Korean TV channels covered Spatial this week, showing how people are doing New Year’s traditional rituals in AR. There are many technologies that people use to gather throughout the pandemic, but one family can be seen using Spatial with the Nreal to connect with family members from afar. Spatial’s avatars are made by taking a 2D photo and using AI to generate a 3D avatar in about a minute. With ease, the family that is split between Wonju and Busan, wore AR glasses at the same time and were able to be together.

“The appearance of wearing hanbok is no different from the previous New Year’s Eve, but instead of taking a car and going directly to his hometown in Busan, he creates an avatar by taking a selfie with his daughter at home.”. — News SBS

Spatial is able to run on the Nreal headset, a lightweight option, that works with 5G to deliver an immersive augmented reality experience. Even if you don’t have access to a headset Spatial is able to work on iOS or Android devices via our mobile app.

Kim Deok-jin/Vice-Director of Korea Insight Research Institute: “When meeting in reality is blocked by a barrier, it seems that technologies are growing as to how much more naturally people can draw out the desires to meet in the end. — KBS co

In these photos you can see grandparents in Busan and their families gathered together — “Oh, you look good! The ritual was well set up.” It is heartwarming to see Spatial’s technology enable families to continue important cultural traditions despite physical distance. — TV Chosun

The Korean telecommunications company LGU+ has implemented augmented reality devices (Nreal) in combination with 5G technology, and partnered with Spatial so when you take a picture with a smartphone, an avatar that looks like your own self appears in front of your eyes. On your device you then see all of the avatars of your loved ones and can create shared memories.

Happy Korean Lunar New Year from Spatial!

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