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LARVOL Uses Spatial As Their Virtual Headquarters

May 3, 2021

Not only is LARVOL innovative in finding cures for cancer but also in their day to day company culture. Pharma tech company, LARVOL, has always been remote. When they found Spatial they discovered the many benefits of being “in the office”. They now describe themselves as “VR first, remote always”.

For LARVOL Spatial has become a cornerstone of their company culture. As a remote company since 2004, one thing they know is that proximity has value — but they can find it in virtual reality. For the first time they can be immersed without distractions and turn to see each other spatially. They are now providing all employees Oculus Quest 2 headsets so that they may meet in their virtual office!

“Okay Zoomer”

LARVOL finds it easier to naturally engage with people and see who is engaged in Spatial vs Zoom. They find colleagues have to flex a new set of skills and mannerisms for best practices, similar to those needed in person. This is especially true for those who have never been in a corporate setting. Spatial helps build soft skills that maybe are being lost when individuals are just presenting to a screen. In Spatial one can read the room in a way that they cannot via Zoom. Bruno Larvol emphasizes this saying “people who are attached to zoom, we call them “Okay Zoomer” — we’ve moved away from that, we try to not zoom unless we really have to”.

Changing Company Culture

Dr. Mark Gramling, Director of Biomarkers at LARVOL, customized his office with personal memorabilia, his favorite quotes, and of course important documents for his team. Mark believes that “there are fruits of creativity that come out of thinking about new ways to share typical things” in Spatial. He built upon one of Spatial’s default lounge environments in an incredible & unique way. Inspiring to his coworkers, they like to hang out in his office (even though there is no room limit). One day Mark went to jump into to his office and saw that a meeting was going on. He decided to jump in — he experienced having a serendipitous interaction with his peers for the first time. Not many would say they relish the days of kicking colleagues out of conference rooms, but being able to pull up his menu and see what meetings are live in Spatial has added to his camaraderie with coworkers. Knowing (if it is not a private room) he can pop over to say hello!

“We found the office space we never thought we needed in VR with Spatial’s collaboration platform,” Larvol said. “We are collaborating more fully and connecting on a human level that video conferencing has never allowed. This flexibility has also allowed us to hire the best talent and give our staff the flexibility today’s workforce is looking for.” — LARVOL

VR Office?

Maybe Virtual Reality offices and meetings will never be quite the same as face to face. Maybe in this rapidly changing world we have finally found a time and space to appreciate it regardless. What if you could value feeling a deeper, more natural, connection with your remote colleagues? Try a meeting where people are fully engaged in an immersed space and retain a deeper understanding of the materials you are working on? In the meantime, also save yourself from needing to rent office space, relocate employees, and travel for meetings.

Spatial applauds LARVOL for being the most incredible super users of our platform! We look forward to working closely with LARVOL to empower their team to build a company culture that is closer than ever before and to have the best possible interactions in Spatial!

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