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Introducing Coins, and the Spatial Economy 🚀

June 27, 2023

The Spatial Team is over the moon to introduce our game-changing virtual economy, designed to support our creators and provide them with an exciting way to more deeply engage with their audience and monetize their hard work! 💸

Join the Spatial Economy Beta Program 🧪

Our monetization features are currently in closed beta, and we are excitedly inviting creators to join us in this phase. We're all ears and eagerly await your invaluable feedback to help us shape a platform that is transparent, fair, and empowering for all creators.

When you’re ready to start selling virtual items for Coins, complete this application form. Access to the Beta Program will start rolling out slowly later this Summer: Apply Now

🪙 Introducing Coins 🪙

We’re thrilled to announce Coins, our very own virtual currency that’s set to revolutionize your Spatial experience. Here's the breakdown:

What Are They? Coins are our official virtual currency you can use to transact within Spatial.

Real-World Value: This isn’t Monopoly money! Coins have real-world value and can be cashed out.

Not Crypto: Just a heads up, these aren’t cryptocurrencies. They’re exclusive to Spatial and can be purchased with a credit card.

Stock Up the Store! 🎩

Universal and World Items: Create items that can be used anywhere in Spatial or only in your world.

Custom Avatars: Unleash your creativity and sell your own avatars.

Avatar Accessories: From magical auras to rocket-powered skateboards, the possibilities are endless!

Special Area Passes: Design exclusive areas in your spaces and sell entry passes.

Consumables and More: The sky’s the limit with what you can offer.

In World Currency:

Note: Items sold with Coins must adhere with our Community Guidelines and copyright restrictions. 

The Coins are Rolling In 💰

Revenue Share: For every sale in your world, you get a stellar 70% of the Spatial Coins! Reinvest or cash out – the choice is yours.

Cashing Out: To cash out, you’ll need at least 18,000 Coins that have been in your account for at least 45 days.

Coin Value: Each Coin is valued at $0.0057.

Cash-Out Revenue Share: When you cash out, the net revenue share you receive is between 40% and 50%. Learn more here:

*Note: The cash-out feature is still under development and will be available later this Summer.*

Your World Awaits

Spatians, this is just the launch pad. With your creativity and feedback, we’re destined to explore new frontiers. Together, let’s create, monetize, and cultivate a universe where imagination knows no bounds! 🚀👽

To the moon,

The Spatial Team

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