Celebrate Halloween in the Metaverse with Spatial

October 27, 2021

The Spatial team created an incredible Halloween Experience with the help of the master metaverse architects at M2 Studios

This event is not only really amazing visually but it shows how dynamic and fun hosting an event in Spatial can be! Jump in and notice the ways the main Halloween Room leads users through multiple portals to unique experiences all their own. 

The large circus Tent takes users to Club Hell an incredible mutli-level fiery underworld themed space designed by Micheal Potts. It is really one of the most incredible Spatial rooms we’ve ever seen and we can’t wait to party in it. 

Halloween Theme or not the boundaries of the metaverse continue to be pushed and we are always so amazed to see what is possible in our Spaces. These floating balloons drift up and down and create a lively atmosphere. 

Go through the 2020 Haunted House portal to see how far Spatial has come in a single year. This room hosted our entire Halloween Party last year in a Spatial version that didn’t have Custom Environments or Host Tools!!! It's hard to believe the difference a year can make. 

Then go check out this spooky graveyard and view this NFT gallery with pieces from many talented artists. In the metaverse you can host your gallery in any environment you please, somewhere that perfectly evokes the mood you are trying to create. 

The black and white pieces are by Jesse Draxler, a poly-dimensional artist who started exhibiting his work in 2012 and is now a renown artist both nationally and internationally. The pieces beside ‘The Many Faces of Lady Death’ portal are from a collaborative gallery curated by Jeff Zavala. Jeff is a cinematographer and a NFT educator and creator based in Texas; and has previously created his ‘Beyond Here’ space in Spatial. 

Four different rooms were created for Halloween this year In celebration of the amazing ‘Squid Game’ Netflix series. Start off by taking a picture of yourself and placing it on the wall with all of the other participants from Squid Game - smile! If you then follow up the stairs, past the guards, you will come upon the piggy bank that holds $38.6 million dollars for the lucky winner.

Jump into the first game of ‘Red Light Green Light’ and compete with the giant doll (a.k.a. Younghee) as well as the other contestants to see who can get to the red line first. Don’t forget to stop any movement when Younghee turns around!

The Dalgona challenge has been a hot-topic recently, but have you tried cutting out the perfect shape in our Dalgona Challenge room? Be sure to turn the sound on to experience the tension of cutting out the perfect shape.

The Glass Bridge is the last challenge for you to complete before you can win your grand cash prize. Choose the glass you will be stepping on wisely as there are lost souls and coffins down below for those who step on the thinner glass!

We are giving away swag as part of a costume contest winners will be announced after the party in Club Hell Friday 10/29/21 starting at 4pm EST 


Here’s the drill to win SWAG: 

  • Put your avatar in costume! You can upload any photo you'd like
  • Jump into Spatial! Find the room "Halloween" in Explore
  • Explore our Halloween Party designed by M2 Studios, the NFT Graveyard Gallery, and Play the Squid Games!!!
  • WIN SPATIAL SWAG: Take a selfie and post it to social with the tag #SpatialHalloween (you can take a screenshot from web/mobile or use our in VR selfie stick)

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