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This is the Xhyndre Metaverse Store. Check out their store at xhyndre.com And this space is designed by apsdesignsmetaverse.com

Spatial Avatar Store

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Punch Hero

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Merge Survivor: Zombie!

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Into The CYBERVERSE: Episode 1
Cymru Wales Metaverse
Meta Bomberman by MetaVitrine (BETA)
Visit 庵 Community House(いおり)
Neon Wave Design by 7PLUS
Star Wars Flight Simulator 2.0
The Grand Vitruveo Art Museum
Timelock: Puzzle Parkour
Hotel Riu Plaza España - Lobby
Meta Roxy Bar  - Powered by Metauniversi.it
AbsolutLand: Journey To The Cosmos

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The Other Us - Prologue (Horror Showcase)
Suma Alicante. Oficina en el Metaverso

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Rainbow Obby