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Welcome to the lobby of the Hip Hop Museum's Virtual Experience: a classic NYC subway station that introduces you to Spatial basics, connects you to all of the worlds in the museum, and has a few exhibits of its own to explore! As you journey though the station, let the ambient sounds and immersive atmosphere take over and set the tempo for your visit. Enjoy the start of your tour of the Virtual Museum!

Release Date

August 11, 2023

Rainbow Obby
Punch Hero

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Buddy Blitz
Spatial Avatar Store
Super Mario Bros
♨️ Takekage Onsen
EURO-VOTE. The Voice of Europe | PARKOUR


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Escape Lockdown
Gianni Schicchi
Thanks PacmOOn by BULBi
The mystery of the Tentaverse
Gli Universi di Leonardo da Vinci
Sniper Legends
A Fazenda do Desafio de Engenharia da Computação
100 Avatars Garden
MCM Wearable Casa