State of the ARTist 2023

“State of the ART(ist)” focuses on artists who face threats to their existence. These threats may come in the form of repression or political persecution by unjust regimes or democratically legitimized governments. They may also face danger due to open hostilities, loss of livelihood from environmental disasters or natural catastrophes, and precarious living conditions due to exploitation.

Release Date

August 17, 2023

Meta Bomberman by MetaVitrine (BETA)
Escape Lockdown
Sniper Legends
Into The CYBERVERSE: Episode 1
Jailbreak Prison Run
Hyper Jump
FSMF2024 記念館 (Memory Museum)
Visit 庵 Community House(いおり)
MetaHata 2.0. Hub
Mostly Only Up!

1 online

Merge Survivor: Zombie!

1 online

Irule02 / GAME
SSU Expo Centre & Amphitheatre
Backrooms Game

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Rainbow Obby
2024 TCG Virtual Happy Hour-- AgileLens X FDA
XReality UVV Metaverso