Semantic Visions

Semantic Visions is an actionable analytics company based in Prague that specializes in using AI and machine learning technology to analyze a huge portion of global news in 12 languages. Our solution includes source collection, source analysis, natural language processing, and proprietary artificial intelligence.

Release Date

January 06, 2024

SPATIAN GUYS [GAME]  - v.1.0.0


1 online

Buddy Blitz
Punch Hero

13 online

Merge Survivor: Zombie!

1 online

Futura Hub - Welcome Island
Mono (the team behind monobank)
Escape Lockdown
Racing Empire

14 online

Shroom Worlds - Art Gallery 1
King of the Hill. Multiplayer
Knabe im Moor
IndiGo-6EVerse June Update
Visit 庵 Community House(いおり)
Space Race
AbsolutLand: Journey To The Cosmos

1 online

Apex Street Racing

3 online

Tokyo Kitty Circuit / 東京キティサーキット