Quantum Objects Bridge

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Quantum Objects is a collection of unique NFTs traveling through the spacetime continuum. Quantum Flowers is the first mini verse object with 4759 objects waiting to be sent to the present. Each flower in our first mini-verse has a unique glitch(es) that represents its journey. The NFTs are uniquely created, non-generative 1/1 pieces of art created by Dr. Mollie Serena. We will bring you web3 and IRL immersive events inspired by the zeitgeist of time and space.

Spatial Avatar Store

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SPATIAN GUYS [GAME]  - v.1.0.0
Rainbow Obby

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Timelock: Puzzle Parkour

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Infinite Ascent
Nosferat Factory
AB+L The Verse - Level 1
Indistinti confini: Ovidio vs Calvino
Tomb Chaser 3
Maro Dori Sky Palace  -麻呂鳥スカイパレス-
Adapt Room
Polaris Headquarter
Bora Boring
itsucks - VOIZΞ feat. GIGO + Medicine Man
Moca Friends House