Padiglione Modenini

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Il Padiglione Modenini riassume una carriera dedicata all'arte, con l'intenzione di dare una visione d'insieme del poliedrico artista noto sia come Doriano Modenini che Dorian X The Modenini Pavilion summarizes a career dedicated to art, with the intention of giving an overview of the multifaceted artist known as both Doriano Modenini and Dorian X 莫德尼尼展館總結了他獻身於藝術的職業生涯,旨在概述被稱為多里亞諾·莫德尼尼 (Doriano Modenini) 和 Dorian X 的多面藝術家

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September 21, 2023

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