Luxx-XR Lounge Example

🎉 Introducing THE CYBERLUXX ROOFTOP LOUNGE designed for Spatial! 🎉 Our beautiful rooftop lounge is the perfect solution for businesses looking to create immersive, interactive virtual spaces that showcase their brand and products or musicians and entertainers looking to showcase their work in an affordable space. With its easy-upload design and advanced features, LUXX-XR is the future of Metaverse. Buy @

Meta Bomberman by MetaVitrine (BETA)
Punch Hero

15 online

Racing Empire

7 online

Apex Street Racing

5 online

Idealised city
Tokyo Kitty Circuit / 東京キティサーキット
Jailbreak Prison Run
ATOM city

1 online

Police And Thief
Visit 庵 Community House(いおり)
Infinite Ascent
Survival Game : Building & Resource Gathering Test
Cloud 3.0 by andy picci
Star Wars Flight Simulator 2.0
문명과 역사_산업 혁명2
Sala de Audiencia
Hyper Jump
School Run Driver