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Metaverse of the Japan Shoe Manufacturers Association(JSMA), a non-profit organization. This is a space for everyone to learn about the history, technology, and craftsmanship of the Japan Shoe Manufacturers Association. 特定非営利活動法人の日本靴工業会のメタバース。日本靴工業の歴史、技術力、クラフトマンシップを皆さんに知っていただくための空間です。

Release Date

October 20, 2023

Racing Empire

4 online

Timelock: Puzzle Parkour
Rainbow Obby
Merge Survivor: Zombie!

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FSMF2024 記念館 (Memory Museum)


3 online

The Forgotten Village
Computing Science T'Anantaya
La Factory *
Apex Street Racing

3 online

Hide and seek
King of the Hill. Multiplayer

2 online

Infinite Ascent
ATOM city
hamyang 메타버스 전시관 오후반
Buddy Blitz

3 online

The mystery of the Tentaverse
Escape Lockdown
MICAVERSE's Mani Ayer Auditorium