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The Irule Metaverse welcomes you to its 7-level laboratory, beginning with Level 1 and its entrances to 9 supernatural worlds. This interstellar safe haven is protected by higher forces of light and will guide you on a journey to experience the power within the 64 supernatural worlds that await. Your mission is to explore, learn and gain hold of the power that you desire. Join us on this extraordinary journey into the unknown. Collaboration project between @iraxlab and @9DGHOST

SPATIAN GUYS [GAME]  - v.1.0.0
Punch Hero

15 online

King of the Hill. Multiplayer
Meta Bomberman by MetaVitrine (BETA)
Rainbow Obby
Neon Ghost

4 online

Buddy Blitz
Ambient Canvas
Todd Hershey's Guardians of Wisdom
Mostly Only Up!

2 online

Super Mario Bros
ก้าวไกล BigBang Policy Fest #1  METAVERSE
The Hip Hop Museum | DONOR GALLERY
Escape Lockdown
Spatial Sample Game: Basketball
 Spatial Spaceport
Spatial Avatar Store

2 online

【バイオリンの里おおぶ メタバース】エントランス