Helsinki Block Chain Center

Reforming the Finnish Blockchain Industry - We support and assist companies entering the blockchain industry- - We provide a framework for both domestic and international networking for startup companies in the field - We help companies working within blockchain in their expansion efforts, both at home and abroad - We act as a reliable and impartial partner in opening up new markets, thereby supporting the export of Finnish know-how to international markets.

Release Date

March 15, 2023


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King of the Hill. Multiplayer
Meta Bomberman by MetaVitrine (BETA)
Spatial Avatar Store
Merge Survivor: Zombie!

3 online

SPATIAN GUYS [GAME]  - v.1.0.0


1 online

Ubuntu Verse
Apex Street Racing

2 online

The Forgotten Village
La Factory *
Buddhaverse 3
Mostly Only Up!
Tokyo Kitty Circuit / 東京キティサーキット
NXT Venues
Irule02 / GAME
Into The CYBERVERSE: Episode 1
Woxsen Amphitheatre
Buddy Blitz
Escape Lockdown