Infin8 Breath 2.0

Breathing is a key aspect to us living. I created this meditative space to spread rejuvenating energies by mixing specific frequencies with my personal sound bowl mediations, paint pours, and 4-7-8 breath principles that the animation in the middle follows. May you breathe easier and be charged! -LMDesigns8

Apex Street Racing
Timelock: Puzzle Parkour
Mostly Only Up!

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Jailbreak Prison Run
Merge Survivor: Zombie!

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Afro-Remix 2.0 - Weimar
Nomion - Co Vat Gallery
Monastero Zen Ensoji
MICAVERSE's Mani Ayer Auditorium
100 Avatars Garden
Visit 庵 Community House(いおり)
โครงงานภาษาไทย's 3D Place
Buddhaverse Main Hall
Pacmoon & Blast World
Buddhaverse 1
Yulan virtual museum - Hong Kong Memory
Neon Ghost