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What is the essential difference between a 3D space and a picture book or a painting? The reason why humans can form a functioning society is because we have the ability to create fiction, or rather, we have the ability to believe in fiction ... Here, we do not emphasize any values, we just hope that you can find a part of yourself here. 3d空间究竟和一本画册或是一张画有什么本质的区别?人类之所以能够形成一个运行着的社会,是因为我们有虚构的能力,更甚,我们有相信虚构的能力。我们希望观众以一种看画的心态和视角在这个地方游览。在这里我们不强调任何价值,我们只希望在这里你能够找到自己的某一个部分。

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School Run Driver
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 Inspired XR Gallery  2024
Buddhaverse Main Hall
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