The Haunting by CJ Meta Events

Prepare to enter a virtual haunted house, a nightmarish maze teeming with hair-raising visuals and bone-chilling sounds. As you traverse its shadowy corridors, ghostly whispers and eerie apparitions lurk, waiting to send shivers down your spine. This heart-pounding journey into the unknown is not for the faint of heart. Can you muster the courage to navigate its relentless terror and emerge unscathed?

Release Date

September 07, 2022

Mostly Only Up!

8 online

SPATIAN GUYS [GAME]  - v.1.0.0


6 online

Rainbow Obby

5 online

Buddy Blitz

4 online

Merge Survivor: Zombie!

10 online

THE HUB by Thorium Labs


1 online

Knabe im Moor
King of the Hill. Multiplayer
World first's Thailand Meta Zoo - For English Learning
Sharing ( 세계 빈곤 문제 해결 )
Racing Empire

7 online

Sniper Legends

1 online

Backrooms Game

2 online

AbsolutLand: Journey To The Cosmos

1 online

The Clockwise Campus
Neon Ghost

1 online

Spatial Avatar Store

9 online