DMINTI Atrium Lobby & 2nd Floor Galleries

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Designed and developed by Hani Rashid & Asymptote Architecture, this space serves as a virtual museum and event site for This portal provides access to the atrium and 2nd floor of a 7 floor building. (To access the auditorium or galleries on other floors, look for corresponding spaces)

Apex Street Racing

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Neon Ghost

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Rainbow Obby
Timelock: Puzzle Parkour
Escape Lockdown

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♨️ Takekage Onsen
Shroom Worlds - Art Gallery 1
Hyper Jump
Sniper Legends

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Visit 庵 Community House(いおり)

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The Hip Hop Museum | DONOR GALLERY
Racing Empire

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IV Encuentro de Matemáticas y Estadística
Grapevine Wall
Spatial Avatar Store
Victoria & Friends’ Playground
Spatial Sample Game: Basketball
Acelera Pyme FEMPA
Mostly Only Up!

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