ARTƎCONOMY® is an artistic movement that combines art and economy, making economy and finance essential and fully integrated into the artwork itself, making the role of the artist superfluous. The idea comes from Five Gallery, Lugano, and it is a provocative response to the excessive emphasis on finance and economy in the contemporary art world. A series of artworks all identical but different at the same time... Art has always been provocation: ARTƎCONOMY® is the ultimate provocation.

Mostly Only Up!

6 online

Jailbreak Prison Run
Merge Survivor: Zombie!

12 online

Escape Lockdown
Spatial Avatar Store

2 online

MCM Wearable Casa
Futura Hub - Welcome Island
Rainbow Obby
Aboca Life World 💚

1 online

Dah Sing Bank

3 online

Buddhaverse 2

2 online

Musée Digital Michel Vaillant
Meta Bomberman by MetaVitrine (BETA)
2024소사벌초 라라의 음악 감상실
Avatar Wing Shop : Universal Auras Sold Here