Mental Health Metaverse: Relaxing | Top Love Tech EEG Tested Aurora Fog Magical Forest

Mental Health Metaverse was built and tested to reduce stress as a biomedical engineering project. Feel lost? Follow the glowing hearts~! Immerse yourself in a healing features metaverse, where you can interact with 5 meditative sounds, change avatars as mental health advocates, enjoy mindful tasks with guidance, experience being yourself, have group meditation or discussions, and explore a dreamy forest with a bridge. Thanks for healing with love, hope and joy. Updates are on thumbnail. LOVE!

Into The CYBERVERSE: Episode 1
Escape Lockdown

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Sniper Legends
Merge Survivor: Zombie!

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Apex Street Racing
King of the Hill. Multiplayer
SAN RAF'S ISLAND♻️Regenaissance✨
SPATIAN GUYS [GAME]  - v.1.0.0
META HISTORY: NFT-Museum of Ukrainian war
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Meta Bomberman by MetaVitrine (BETA)
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